Leukemia and Retinoblastoma in Children

Cancer can attack anyone, whether adults or children. To date, the cancer is still the specter of disease is frightening. Leukemia and retinoblastoma is cancer that occurs most often in children.

Approximately 30-40 percent of children suffering from blood cancer (leukemia), while 20-30 percent of children suffering from retinoblastoma (eye cancer in the retina).

"In the year 2008 there were 16 cases of leukemia and 7 cases of retinoblastoma in Dharmais, average children are being taken to hospital after step 4 stadium," said dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA, in the MHA program 'Dialogue With Cancer Education Kader energizer Child in Society' in Jakarta, Friday (31/7/2009).

Terlambatnya handling leukemia and retinoblastoma is caused by the lack of information about the symptoms of cancer and treated and the social and economic problems that make people come late to treatment hospital.

"Cancer happens to the child can be cured as long as detected earlier or at the stadium early, because not all cancer in children can be prevented or detected early. Leukemia can only be prevented by giving exclusive breastfeeding while retinoblastoma can be detected early using oftalmoskop," said dr. Edi also as the energizer in the hospital ward children Dharmais.

Retinoblastoma occurs only in children age five and is derived, if one of the family members who have been affected by retinoblastoma, the child should immediately check the other on a regular basis. Retinoblastoma is the most frequently occur in children between the first year.

"Symptoms for retinoblastoma is as if the eyes when a light is shining (opal), pupil (The speck) white, red eyes and eye balls and prominent eyes. If the test is done with oftalmoskop in the eyes of normal red akan while retinoblastoma does not to give red, "he added.

While for leukimia still unknown cause of course. However, prevention through exclusive breastfeeding can reach 21-30 percent.

Early symptoms for leukimia child is pale, often with fever of unclear cause, such as bleeding and gum bleeding nosebleed, hematoma bluish on the body, belly swollen, and painful bones.

Children who have blood cancer should avoid too tired and came to the crowd. Children rarely complain, and generally does not feel the early symptoms of cancer so parents should be more vigilant.

According to dr. Edi S Tehuteru, anything that feels strange to the child to the doctor immediately check to determine the existence of cancer or not and to detect early, so that hope can kesembuhannya higher. Because cancer in children can be treated and effort if it is found early.
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Reduce Mentrual Pain

Around 80% of women experience some symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). From the amount of about 10% have severe enough PMS symptoms so that an impact on employment, lifestyle or social relationships significantly.

PMS symptoms are often frighten women, among others, stomach pain, breast pain, mood is unstable, easily tired, pimply, headaches, easy to anger, konsentrasai difficult to sleep disturbances.

Most women are still able to hold their PMS symptoms, PMS symptoms, so do not bother, and they can live healthy and productive.

STDs can be reduced by making healthy living habits, exercise regularly. Exercise can help alleviate PMS symptoms such as aerobic for 30 minutes performed 3-5 times a week, swimming, walking, and low impact aerobic activity. In addition to reducing STDs are also good for cardiovascular health, maintain and reduce weight, and increasing confidence.

In addition to aerobic as dilansir from Health24, Thursday (30/7/2009), should also do not smoke, avoid alcohol, caffeine, enhance Feed a complex carbohydrate, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and every day and try to perform relaxation to reduce stress.

Basic things that must be understood to reduce the symptoms of PMS, namely:

  1. Do not skip meals, to keep your blood sugar level, it is better to eat little but often.
  2. If you are premenstrual, your calorie needs increased 500 calories per day.
  3. Eat snacks twice a day, outside of your main meals three times a day.
  4. Eat protein at lunch and dinner.
  5. Reduce consumption of fat and sugar.
  6. Drink eight glasses a day of white water.
  7. Make sure you consume at least 3 portions of fruit and vegetables (especially green vegetables that) every day.
  8. Avoid meals that contain large amounts of sugar (sweets, cakes and biscuits).
  9. Keep consumption to avoid excessive salt, so that you can make the body hold water womb.
  10. Make sure you food diet rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, chromium, and the essential fatty acid and vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
  11. Eat fish at least twice during the PMS.
  12. Feed Increase complex carbohydrates (eg pasta and rice).
  13. Avoid caffeine found in coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate.
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Red Wine Women's and Sexual desire

Food or beverages may be factors that trigger sexual desire someone. This red wine is used as the drink of passion sexual woman. Really?

Studies recently said that in Italy women with sexual desire mengonsumsi red wine higher than those mengonsumsi other types of beverage alcohol.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers from the Italian University of Florence said that the survey carried out on 800 women aged between 18 and 50 years.

Studying the dilansir Yourtango, Wednesday (29/7/2009) said that the women are grouped in three groups of drunkard, the red wine drinker, the type of alcohol and those who do not drink them.

The woman then requested to fill out a questionnaire to measure their sexual personality. According to the Female Sexual Function Index, the question consists of 19 questions and generate a score between 2 and 36.

The higher the score, the higher the sexual desire someone. Based on these surveys, women who drink one or two glass of red wine each day has a score of 27.3 while those who drink alcohol mengonsumsi only 25.9.

This result indicates a close relationship between consumption of red wine and women's sexual desire. But the question is so, whether women with high sexual appetite is to drink wine or red wine merahlah create the actual sex that increase appetite?

Experts are still examining this. However, the researchers said that this research can not be considered trivial just because there is no explanation
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The armpit smell

The body is strong out by the sweat gland, axilla, and is one place to remove the sweat. Deodorant product to be the choice for many people the armpit odor.

Other functions including the armpit sweat gland is to remove poisons from the body. Because the heat is important for maintaining optimum physical health.

Toxin from the body is removed after the process through metabolism, through urin, inhalation of carbon monoxide removing the toxic and other issued by the skin as the largest body organ.

Oxter have functions that are important to remove the poison, so it is important to the body sweating. But what caused the smell?

Experts said the smell comes from bacteria that live in the human axilla. But the main cause of armpit odor is ekskresi intestinal toxic substances that are dangerous to try to quit, but the use of deodorant with the road closed and discharge toxic substances are forced to stay in the system, as quoted Naturalnews, Wednesday (29/7/2009).

How to remove the smell is not grown using deodorant products which are not healthy, but to clean them from Feed the food into the body. In other words if you have armpit odor that is not tasty, indicates that the body needs food that can improve.

One of the foods that can cause armpit odor is red meat which is the number one cause of armpit odor, there are also more than that junk food or food dishes.

While the food may reduce armpit odor is fresh fruits, soy products, healthy oils and other healthy womb. Besides food containing aromatherapy is also good to reduce armpit odor, such as Rosemary or oregano.

Here are some steps that can be done to reduce armpit odor:

1. Usapkan axilla with white vinegar can help remove the smell from the armpit is not tasty, you can do with the cotton bud.
2. Usapkan with apple vinegar can lower the pH level in the skin of axilla. At the low pH of the bacteria that causes body odor will not be able to survive.
3. Use baby powder or baking soda on the axilla, armpit to keep this still dry. Powder will help absorb moisture and axilla also kill bacteria.
4. Make your own deodorant compound with 6-8 drops of Rosemary oil essensial in water or compound 2-3 - essensial drops of tea tree oil with the water that serves as a antibakteri.
5. Drink a glass of herbal tea is known sage can reduce sweat gland activity, especially if the body are under stress or pressure. Mix two teaspoon sage in a cup of hot water diamkan for 15 minutes and drink every day.
6. Keep health and hygiene body with a bath regularly two times a day.
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Drinking Milk Making Long Age

Researchers in England found regularly drink milk reduce opportunities more quickly died because of stroke and heart.

Professors from three universities in the UK find drinking milk can reduce the threat of stroke and coronary heart up to 20%. But during this susu only be associated with calcium to keep bones and growth.

University of Reading announced that this is the first discovery of the disease risk associated with susu overtake the high number of deaths due to heart and stroke.

The researchers compare information from more than 300 previous studies that have been done in the susu and the relationship with stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes, which is then compared with information on the number of deaths caused by health problems.

"Our findings clearly show that when the number of deaths from heart attack, stroke, and colo-rectal cancer have calculated strong evidence of the overall reduction in risk of death from chronic diseases due to consumption of milk," said Professor Ian Givens, from the University of Reading as dilansir of Health, Tuesday (28/7/2009).

The evidence is very clear that milk provide more benefits for the prevention of this disease and not just for bone health.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has also recommend that people drink milk regularly. In addition to the benefits of calcium for bone formation and maintenance, susu potasium which also contain nutrients that can keep blood pressure so far from the threat of stroke.
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Search Result

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Dengue Fever and Global Warming

Global warming or global warming to give effect to the human health sector either directly or indirectly. Increasing the temperature effect on the life of the mosquito that the dengue fever flare.

Prof. Dr. Soeharyo Hadisaputro dr.Sp.PD-KPTI, Teacher of the Faculty of Medical UNDIP who is also the Chairman of the Infectious Diseases Researchers tropical Semarang explain the influence of direct and indirect climate change on human health.

Directly: comfortable temperature for human life is between 20-25 degrees centigrade. Because climate change, the winter is very extreme cases it can increase asthma bronkial, violence dermatology, heat waves (heat waves) will cause the heart to work harder to cool down the body (circulation increases high) so that it can cause increased fatalitas.

Indirectly: Changes you morbiditas disease is transmitted by vectors (mosquitoes) or Vector borne disease. Bionomi mosquito that has changed due to increased temperature and humidity with the behavior of a particular mosquito akan changed which boast of the mosquito and the desire to search for food is greater. Egg production capability is also growing. In addition, the human settlement of the earth's temperature and extends the increasing mosquito can then crawl to the mountains of more than 1,000 meters above sea level and extends to the sub-tropical region.

Indonesia is tropical country with an average temperature of 24-28 degrees centigrade and the night where the daytime temperature is 3-10 derjat centigrade and clear changes between the wet season and dry season. Characteristic gives the opportunity to live suburnya mosquito vectors as penular some particular disease. Increasing the temperature effect on the life of vectors (breed quickly, a short period of maturity, Biting rate (bites level) increased, activity also increased reproduction) so that the mosquito population increases sharply.

Year 2100 is estimated to increase the temperature more than 3 degrees centigrade and this causes the occurrence of disease that is spread mosquito 2-fold higher. Other diseases caused by the vector (Vector borne disease) is also increased such as malaria, dengue fever dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese Encepahlitis, and Filariasis.

Diseases transmitted through water that can also be increased due to sea water and the flood tide of the disease, especially high among other morbiditasnya leptospirosis, Hanta virus infection. Even diseases due to climate change with a high temperature such as a new infection, Avian Influenza, Swine Influenza, Hanta virus infection, and Japanese Encephalitis.

The increasing cases of dengue fever due to global warming it is the necessary tool to detect dengue fever in a rapid, precise and accurate. PT Indofarma work with SD (Standard Diagnostics Inc.) to market Rapid Test (Quick Test) to detect dengue Duo quickly whether someone is exposed to dengue fever or not.

SD Rapid Test (Standard Diagnostics Inc.) Bio Line dengue DUO can be used to detect dengue fever very quickly because it only takes less than 20 mins
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Rice Gold Source Vitamin A

Rice is known gold-rich karoten that contain beta will be changed to vitamin A in the human body. Golden rice is used to increase the effective lack of vitamins in the community such as the poor.

Such research in the Baylor University Department of Pharmaceutical and Tufts, in his article that appears in the latest issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Golden rice was developed in the early 1990s with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which aims to create rice that has a beta caroten womb, a precursor vitamin A in rice grains. Latest data show that the Golden Rice contains 35 mikrogram beta karoten in each gram.

"We found that the four units of beta karoten in Golden Rice will be converted into one unit vitamin A in the human body," said Dr. Michael Grusak, Professor of pediatrics association Nutrition Research Center at the USDA Children / Ars at Texas Children's Hospital and BCM as medicalnewstoday, Sabtu (25/7/2009).

This is known after testing with the feed five healthy adults over a number of specific product labeled Golden Rice. In the test are then measured the amount of retinol, a form of vitamin A in blood.

Lack of vitamin is common in some parts of the world where poor communities depend on rice as their staple food source. People who lack vitamin may be experiencing vision problems can even cause blindness.

"By entering into vitamin A staple food consumed by the public, we can make it more accessible by the general public in the region," said Grusak.

Further research is still needed before Golden Rice is available in a commercial. The next step of the research is to include technology in the rice grains were found in various regions and continue to test the conversion rate to men.
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Herbal More Secure Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty acid component found in the blood needed by the body for certain processes for the formation of viability such as hormones, the formation of cells, treating nerve cells.

But, in the amount of excess cholesterol will be a threat for the body. Various diseases that kill is caused by excess cholesterol, for example Aterosklerosis (blood vessel constriction), PJK (coronary heart disease) and Stroke.

According to research in the United States (consensus Conference on Cholesterol), cholesterol is considered high when hiperkolesterolemia or exceed 200 mg. Coronary heart disease threat 2X more of the people who have a cholesterol level 200-240 mg compared with the degree kolerterolnya below 200 mg, even the threat will increase up to 4X greater degree when the cholesterol reaches above 300 mg.

Day-to-day activities that make a lot of time we have not had time to choose healthy food, the dishes without a choice we may realize in the food is much cholesterol.

Tbk PT Indofarma long since have used the wealth of flora of India is very rich in medicinal plants nutritious. PROLIPID with the composition leaves Jati Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia), leaves Kemuning (Murayyae paniculata) and leaf Tempuyung (Sonchus arvencis) is a herbal product that has been in pre clinical reduce cholesterol in blood.

Test results of pre clinical PROLIPID done by the Research Center for Chemistry, Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) to prove that:
1. PROLIPID significantly lower total cholesterol in the blood than normal controls and better than the normal control of Lovastatin.
2. PROLIPID lower LDL (bad cholesterol) than normal controls 16.67% and higher than normal control Lovastatin against 3.7%.
3. PROLIPID meninggkatkan HDL (good cholesterol) higher compared with normal controls. (Advetorial Indofarma).
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How to Prevent Contipation

If you're suffering from constipation or constipation chronicles you will not be alone. Constipation is a complaint that was most experienced in the case pencernaannya system. Each year more than 2.5 million people in the world to go to the doctor because of this problem.

Constipation is a change in the pattern of waste water that is not always different in each person. Constipation can mean trouble for someone defecate or defecate less than three times a week.

Arnold Wald, MD from the University of Pittsburg Medical Center as quoted from the National Libabry Medicine, Thursday (23/7/2009) says many things that cause someone to constipation. In general, constipation usually occurs in older people. For comparison 1 of 3 older people with age more than 65 years experience constipation.

But, at this time a lot of adults who experience constipation, usually caused by less fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, consume less water, not just the sport, or consume drugs that can cause constipation.

There are some health conditions that can also cause constipation, such as pregnancy, diabetes multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, spinal injury and bowel cancer. In addition to treatment that is used for high blood pressure, depression, and mineral defisiensi paregoric sometimes also associated with constipation.

To diagnose someone suffering from constipation or not needs to be done some tests. Such as asking how the practice pattern defecate on the patient's physical and rectal examination melakuakn or rectum. If the examination results are still not clear, then made further checks with the colonoscopy, barium enema and flexible sigmoidoscopy for menegtahui causes of constipation.

The cornerstone for the constipation is to understand the function of defecate normally, and do the following:

Give more attention to the signals in your body
Intestine is the organ of the body sensitive and important in providing signals. When someone holding to defecate, the signals given by the longer gut akan increasingly weak and eventually someone will not understand the signals given by the intestine.

Mengonsumsi food that is rich in fiber is very important. Mengonsumsi someone recommended to 20-35 grams of fiber per day. Many fruits and vegetables that contain fiber that can prevent or treat constipation. Or can also mengonsumsi 2-6 tsp corn is followed with a glass of white water. But do not forget the other is food.

Sports can support digestive health and function can be useful for the whole body health.

Review medications that are used
Consult with your doctor what treatment was used, to see what the drugs into the causes of constipation.

Constipation can make someone feel uncomfortable and can reduce quality of life. Therefore do not sepelekan constipation problem, if it is to check with your doctor immediately.
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Healty or Tastey

Day-to-day activities, which are often time does not make someone had to choose healthy food. Entering the rest day in the office once a dilemma in choosing the food that will be consumed, so many food options that are presented by each of the restaurants near the office.

But do we always choose the food they really healthy like vegetables, for example. That often occur eventually dishes that contain a lot of unwitting cholesterol into our options.

Did you know, according to research in the United States (Conference on Cholesterol consensus) is considered a high or hiperkolesterolemia when total cholesterol in the blood exceeds 200 mg. Threat of coronary heart disease two times greater for those who have a cholesterol level 200-240 mg compared with the degree kolesterolnya below 200 mg, even the threat will be increased to 4X greater degree when the cholesterol reaches above 300 mg.

Health data from the Household Surveys (SKRT), disease kardiovaskuler (PJK, aterosklerosis, stroke) is the number one cause of death in adults (age above 35 years) for urban areas, or about 31% of the total causes of death and is considered as dislipidemia one of the main risk factors.

In fact the pattern of eating is not easy to reverse the hands, especially for those who are used to with a certain food that contains lots of cholesterol (fat). There are solutions for those of you that are difficult to change eating patterns but want to keep blood cholesterol controlled. Drinking PROLIPID 2 x 2 capsule a day before meals and cholesterol you will still be controlled.

PROLIPID with the composition leaves Jati Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia), leaves Kemuning (Murayyae paniculata) and leaf Tempuyung (Sonchus arvencis) is a herbal product that has been in pre clinical reduce cholesterol in blood.

Pre-clinical test results PROLIPID done by the Research Center for Chemistry, Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) PROLIPID can prove that lower bad cholesterol (LDL), total cholesterol and trigliserida. Instead PROLIPID terbukti degree can increase good cholesterol (HDL) in blood.

Now what are you waiting for, for you to change patterns that are difficult to eat only one way to prepare PROLIPID in the bag. Cholesterol? Yes PROLIPID solution. (Advetorial Indofarma)
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Cholesterol scrape the leaves Jati Netherlands

Leaves the plant is often used to be herb. One of them is Dleaves Jati Netherlands. Herb savor inl teruji has, as a matter of overcoming the ability of the body, to control the pace cholesterol.

Since the times of first, the Indonesian people, especially those living on the island of Java has been the use of water and stew leaves Dutch teak as a raw material for herbal medicine skim body, usually called extractive singset (Javanese). Many studies demonstrate that valuable teak leaves to lose weight. Later Dutch teak leaves of the benefits of more than that, namely the potential to be developed as a cholesterol herb checker.

Yosie Andriani's Laboratory HS Biokimia Bogor Institute of Agriculture conduct research in order to understand the influence of Daun Jati Belanda (in the form of a water extract, ethanol extract, and faction active steroid) to measure blood lipid (TPC, trigliserida, LDL, HDU and high density lipoprotein). Research using rabbits as animal experiments on the four treatment groups. Each group consists of five tails.

The leaf extract appeared to Jati Netherlands (in three forms of water extracts, ethanol extracts, and active steroid wing) effect on the blood lipid content (TPC, trigliserida, LDL, and HDL). Kadar TPC, LDL, and trigliserida in the control treatment (without the leaf teak) looks very high (significantly different) compared with the degree TPC, LDL, and trigliserida a given treatment teak leaves.

This fact indicates a decrease between TPC, LDL, and as a result of trigliserida Daun Jati Belanda. Percentage decrease in TPC highest rate occurred in the Netherlands Jati leaf extract treatment on ethanol (62 percent), followed by water extract treatment (55 percent), and the faction active steroid (36 percent).

Increase HDL

Giving Daun Jati Netherlands extracts also resulted in increasing HDL. Can lower HDL cholesterol level in the cells in a way to take the excess cholesterol from the network and then processed in the liver discarded ago with bile fluid. Protective effect of HDL has a blood vessel of the heart.

Furthermore, from this research can be concluded that Daun Jati Netherlands terbukti able to reduce blood lipid level. This means that the leaves can be used as Dutch teak alternative medicine anti hiperlipidemia. This fact the last few years, answered to by the employers with the herbal medicine developing products based on Dutch standard teak leaves. Not surprisingly, many processed products available fitofarmaka this herb-based, such as in the form of powder in the capsule and seduhan, the withdrawal tea.

Products containing herbal leaves Jati Netherlands that have been circulating in the market is issued PROLIPID PT Indofarma Tbk. Daun Jati Besides the Netherlands, Prolipid also contains tempuyung leaves and yellow leaves.
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China Quarantine English and American Students

Beijing, more than 100 school children and teachers from the UK and the United States quarantined in Beijing after the 8 children infected with swine flu (swine flu). Four children came from the UK and four children came from the United States infected with the swine flu that, at this time has been treated in hospital and in stable condition.

While the students treated at the hospital as much as 9 students aged 13-14 years from Central Foundation Boys School, one of Clerkenwell and Parliament Hill School, Camden, as quoted from BBCNews, Monday (20/7/2009).

Meanwhile, the four UK students who say that the quarantined room hotel that is used is quite good. Four students are from Clevedon School in North Somerset, which is part of the group of 12 plus 2 other school teachers.

"We all quarantined in hotel rooms and daily body temperature checks carried out, all showing good results," said one student.

More than 600 students are to travel organized by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the British Council and the Chinese organization Hanban.

Based on reports from the BBC, three out of four British students have known that a high body temperature when the new arrival in Beijing early this week. Third was the students directly to the hospital. American students who have to interact with groups of students in the UK is also infected with swine flu.

China mengkarantina this year have been hundreds of foreign tourists who show symptoms of the H1N1 virus aim to prevent the widespread dissemination.
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Proper shoes, Footwashing Healthy

Shoes are important accessories that you can do to support us and make us more confident. Shoes are required in almost every activity, such as work, sports, traveling, or while relaxing.

But many people who only look to the foot regardless of health. Want to know how to choose the right shoe for you? This tips:

1. Choose shoes with good material.
2. Sol shoes must be strong and flexible on the whole surface of the shoe.
3. High heels (high-heeled shoes) should not be too long, because it can make a back ache.
4. Choose comfortable shoes that are used during running.
5. Should buy shoes in the afternoon, because the feet will swell at the time.
6. Choose shoes that more than the width of your front foot.
7. Place your toes to be quite knowledgeable, so you can wiggle your feet

As dilansir from footcare.ygoy, there are some people who use orthopedic shoes. Some people who need orthopedic shoes is if you have a very wide foot, swelling thumb. But if you have a disease foot of the chronicles, should consult with your doctor first before buying shoes.

If you want to buy running shoes (shoes for running), there are some things that must be observed that, see how your foot shape. If you are an off-road runner, consider trail running shoes to keep the balance in the region that are not evenly distributed. If you want to use it on long distance need
shoes that can provide additional support and last longer.

If you penggemar high heels (high-heeled shoes), make sure select the size of the right high heels, standing at the time of purchase and try to run. If when you try on shoes then your swing is a sign that high heels do not fit. Choose the appropriate high heels with the place you visit.

Following types of shoes that are suitable for some types of feet:
1. Normal Foot, this is a normal size and will leave a wet footprint that has a wave, between the heel and connected to the front of the finger width. Shoes good for feet this is the type of stability shoes with moderate control features.
2. High-Arched Foot-, leaving the impression this is rarely the foot with narrow or no boundary between the front of the finger with the heel. Best type of shoes are comfortable (or 'neutral') feet for this type of shoe with a lot of flexibility to encourage foot motion.
3. Flat Foot, has low litter and leave a trail as the whole foot. Usually indicates overpronated feet. Over time, this can cause various types of overuse injuries. Best shoes for this foot type is a shoe with motion control, or high stability shoes.

So, wise in choosing shoes, so you feel comfortable in using it and does not cause foot pain after using it.
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Osteoporosis Medication Not Effective for Menopause Women

Women who enter menopause period (stop menstruation) comsume many osteoporosis drugs to keep tulangnya density. But in fact take the medicine osteoporosis during menopause do not provide effective results.

Researchers from the bone Juliet Compston of Cambridge University to monitor bone mineral density of women who have undergone menopause does not change much even though they have osteoporosis drugs comsume (bisfosfonat).

Osteoporosis is most experienced elderly women caused tulangnya of the density is reduced because the decreasing estrogen level after menopause. Bone mineral density is low is an important risk factor for bone pengeroposan.

As dilansir Medicalnewstoday, Sabtu (18/7/2009), the guide so that the osteoporosis drug mengonsumsi regularly to maintain bone mineral density has been making a lot of people spend the money when the result is not significant.

Researchers based in Australia and the United States assessing the need to monitor the use of osteoporosis drugs is to find out barapa large alendronat effects of drugs (which is used to bisfosfat) in different individuals.

The researchers analyzed the data from the intervention Fracture Trial (FIT), which was later compared with the effects of alendronat with placebo in more than 6000 women who have menopause with bone mineral density is low. Dipaha bone density and spine was measured at the beginning, and then repeated in the first, second and third.

After 3 years therapy, almost all (97.5%) women treated with alendronat showed increased bone mineral density is small. In addition, the effect of this treatment does not provide a substantial inter-individual.

Monitor bone mineral density in women with menopause is the first year after starting treatment with bisfosfat is not too important and potentially error occurred.

"These cases reinforce the monitoring of bone mineral density during treatment a few years," says Compston.

The best way to maintain bone mineral density is to exercise regularly and maintain a pattern of eating, and consume foods that naturally contain calcium. Do not just rely on medication for osteoporosis results not effective.
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Healing the Trauma After Musing

After the trauma Eliminate the need to get a natural process and time. Do not give up, faced with self-acceptance, positive thinking and share with the suffering of the people nearby.

"Many people are glued to the traumanya, memory is continually repeated in the re-otaknya," said Dra Maspaitella Louisa M. Psi, psychologists RSAB Harapan Kita detikHealth when contacted, Friday (17/7/2009).

Stay calm and rely on the protection of God, is the first action that must be done if someone has an accident or incident poorly. "Be grateful because it is still alive, and go through it all. Look at everything in terms of the positive," said Louisa.

"I had experienced and the horror smash, but the first thing I do is be grateful, because I was still alive and still walk," said Louisa.

People can not be separated from the sense of trauma is usually always feel anxious, afraid, do not have self-confidence, communication and the long run it can be depression.

Trauma can not be removed by the board, and need time to process a very menyembuhkannya depending on how big business is done. However, according to Louisa, if you come to better trauma psychologist first to treat mental and mindsetnya change.

"Do not directly to the psychiatrist, because usually directly medications that can be cause dependence and side effects that are less good for the body," he said.

"If we say, 'I want to recover hard', may simply not be able to. There is in our brain should be. If you fail, try, try, and try again," said Louisa with full enthusiasm.

Basically just a simple trauma, faced with the acceptance of oneself, one's mind shifts to the positive and the most important is to share it. "Do not be saved, because it can explode at any time," remember Louisa.

"As a glass filled with water continuously, long run will be full. If it does not move, can overflow," his him.
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Avoid the Shock of Child Current Bom

Jakarta, Events bombardment going back in Indonesia. News that continue to appear on television to make a child do not shock and fear beraktivitas outside the home.

Children need to get a better understanding of parents and people in the surrounding environment so that one does not receive the information.

"Media should also consider the image-the image is not to be too vulgar or burnt corpses, such as bleeding, blood sacrifice, as this can be embedded in the visualization process of children," said Tia M. Rahmania Psi, psychologists from the Kancil which was also an instructor in the psychology program of the University of Paramadina when contacted detikHealth, Friday (17/7/2009).

In this era of globalization, according to Tia, it is difficult to keep the communication flowing. Is the role of parents to filter and provide information that rational.

Adjust the age of the child to provide the correct information concerning the bombardment. "If children under the pre-adolescent parents can explain that the action is seen that harm other people. Or when children are already teenagers from the values of human rights because it revoked the right to life of others," said Tia.

According to the most hit are the children of the victim's family because it will cause a prolonged trauma. "If he was a child of the family of the victim impact will be tremendous need more special handling, such as psychologists because ditakutkan to shake one's soul," said Tia.

Tia also understand if the parents akan Protective cases against children after the blitz, which continues to appear. "When parents do not want their children playing in the crowd must be explained why so children can better understand," he said.
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Principles for the Handling of Victims Triase Bom

Events bombardment is not very commendable that more and more befall Indonesia. Health practitioners generally deal with the principles of bomb victims triase.

Jakarta,Bomb attacks in the Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. Also convey the international condolence to victims and victim's family.

Expression of condolence was also the European Union condemns the attacks that as "brutal action".

In New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key deplores attack. "What can I say this is a deliberate attack designed to kill and harm people not guilty," he said as news agency AFP, Friday (17/7/2009).

Triase principle is memilah-milah accident victims based on the level kegawatannya can be chosen so that the victims can directly fed in the field and where the victim must be taken to the hospital.

"In principle, the victim due to bombardment of the same penanggulangannya other mass casualty, but the principle triase needed in the handling of victims in the field," said dr Kartono Mohammad when contacted detikHealth friday (17/7/2009).

It also required coordination between the ambulance with the hospital, so that officers can directly know the victim must be taken to hospital where.

"On the principle victims of this triase marked with a flag of different colors depending on the gravity of the injury suffered, so that health workers can identify where the victim must be quickly brought to the sick and what does not, so the handling can be more efficient and effective, 'he added .

Triase this principle also applies in the emergency room, to determine whether the patient has to be brought to the operating room, ICU or in the handling of UGD only.

"Indonesia has experienced events that often result in victims of mass, so we should have a special team that can apply this principle triase in the field. But I do not know if we have a special team like this or not," said former Chairman of the IDI is PB.

Kartono add that to form this team needed special training, even in the medical world has learned about this principle triase.

Kartono reveal almost all the hospitals in India have to meet standards or have tools that are required in bulk penganangan victims like this.
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How to know a good nutrient in Child

How good is your child's nutient? Know the origin of the child nutrition by both parents will be reflected in the behavior and physical development of a healthy and optimal.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Medical Doctors Nutrition (PDGMI) Dr dr Saptawati Bardosono common signs to give 10 children a nutritious should be the parents, in the socialization of nutrition in both the SD NASA Jatirahayu Jakarta

Following characteristics nutritious enough children or not?

1. Increasing age, increasing compact, high gain.
Feed children with good nutrition will have the bones and muscles healthy and strong because the consumption of protein and kalsiumnya enough. If the calcium and protein needs met, the body mass will increase and children will be high.

2. Body postures and sturdy solid muscle.
Children who have a solid muscle mass and body characteristics is obtained sturdy child who does not lack of protein and calcium. Milk can help children achieve the ideal postures later.

3. Hair lustrous and strong.
Protein from meat, chicken, fish and nuts can make the hair become more healthy and strong. Hair that can protect the healthy children.

4. Skin and nails clean and not pale.
Clean skin and nail marks on the child's Feed vitamin A, C, E and mineralnya met. Food rich in minerals obtained from kangkung, spinach, cashew buji, orange, mango and others.

5. Clean face, clear eyes and mouth fresh.
Healthy eyes and clear from the findings of vitamin A and C such as tomatoes and carrots. Obtained fresh from the lips vitamins B, C and E, as found in carrots, potatoes, shrimp, mango, orange.

6. Clean the teeth and gum pink.
Healthy teeth and gum required to help menceerna with good food. For that, Feed calcium and vitamin B is also required.

7. Good appetite and defecate regularly.
Appetite good views of the intensity of children's meals, which is ideally 3 times a day. Dispose of any water should be every day so that the remaining food in the gut besat not be toxic to the body that can interfere with the appetite.

8. Move on and speak fluent appropriate age.
Children are active or may be choosy and ask a lot is actually a good sign. But should note every ucpannya, whether age is not appropriate.

9. Full attention and active responding.
Focus on one thing is difficult children, especially children who are active. But if he can finish something, that he can sign the attention and the ability to train its focus.

10. Sleep soundly.
After beraktivitas throughout the day, the child's body needs to rest (sleep) for 8 hours a day. Sleep is required so that the body can develop properly. To make sound sleep, make a full stomach at first.
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Stay Healthy eyes in the Old Age

Eyes are the window to the world. Therefore, eye health should always be kept to stay to enjoy the beauty of the world. However, in line with the increasing age, the tool also join this vision to decrease.

Nah, that the healthy old age or in the golden age, can do in the treatment of eye, with healthy foods that contain a certain vitamin.

Why is the quality of human vision indra slowly decreasing? One of the causes is the enemy at a time bebuyutan natural lens, which is the sun.

Cells of the lens produces a protein called kristalin. This protein functions as a fiber optics, which filter the light through the lens to the retina.

Elements of red, blue, green, yellow, and ultraviolet (UV) can penetrate the lens is transparent. Of all the elements before, UV can damage the lens, while the blue rays that can potentially damage the retina of its duties as a membrane sensor pelapis eyes of the recipient and the images formation lensa.enerima image formation lens.

There is also a result of natural metabolic processes, ie, free radicals that can cause damage. If not dinetralisirkan by antioxidants, the oxidation is too long potentially harmful lipid, to be transparent from the previous diagram. Turbidity is usually called a cataract.

Antioxidants in food is a compound that helps cells and tissue dipertahankannya the lens and healthy organs other. In the lens, are a large amount of vitamin C and E, lutein, and also zeaxanthine. The damaged proteins accumulate, the more clouded lens.

Protective and nutrition that is rich in antioxidants bargains and practical solutions for preventing cataracts. Moreover, if compared with the cost of operating room entrance.

Women with the consumption of vitamin C and E, riboflavin, betacaroten, the highest lutein and zeaxanthine that have the smallest tendency of women suffering from cataracts pengkonsumsi nutrition rather low.

At the age above 55 years, because of macular degeneration is the age of the main causes of blindness and vision damage. This occurs because the damaged cells in the retina that is sensitive to light.

The focus is the yellow spot (yellow spot) selebar 3 mm, is called macular latea, located in the middle of the back of the eye, the eye can still create a focus, so that we can read or see an image.

However, in the eyes of 'old', the protein began to accumulate teroksidasi and cause problems. Fortunately in the eyes there are two types of karoten, namely lutein and zeaxanthine, which help protect the eyes in a way to absorb blue light and free radicals menetralisasi. People with macular degeneration have the dry zeaxanthine and lutein is lower rather than the normal, so that its function as protective antioxidants is not the maximum.

In line with the project AREDS (Agerelated Eye Disease Study) which was held for seven years, experts in the biochemistry nutrition research shows most do not already, that the risk of macular degeneration because age has been reduced in those who consume vitamin C, E, beta-karoten, and zinc for at least six years.
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Secret Diet Success, easy Only

Most people who do know that the diet reduces calorie diet is the key of success. But they do not know how to apply these theories.

Not a secret anymore if people fail to diet in the middle of the road. As in Rudy Termini, a pensioner aged 65 years in the U.S., which fought tooth and nail down the body weight for 4 years.

"Three times a week I play tennis and go to the gym to do the diet, but the results have not appeared as well," said Termini's dilansir such as Forbes.

Termini is also interested in eventually participating in a clinical trial for two years at the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Two years experience in the exercise, the successful Termini reduce weight 23 pounds.

Dr. Donald Hensrud, a nutrition specialist from the Mayo Clinic said reducing calorie diet is the key to success. But it will not be successful if the theory is not practiced.

An investigator from the National Weight Control Registry, Suzzanne Phelan has been tracking the decline of body weight following the 6000 participants of the experiment. He also let the secret strategies of successful diet.

One effective technique is to monitor more closely the amount of calories and more weight. This requires a note-calorie foods and high commitment to the diet.

With the fixed weight and mencocokkannya consistent with the ideal body weight diimpikan, someone can adjust what should and should not be dimakannya.

"In fact, everything is very simple, and I have membuktikannya. Changing plus meat sandwich with white bread, ice cream to enjoy in small portions and a glass of beer in the evening, is a habit that I try to apply first," said Termini.
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Aspirin Prevent Hearing Disorders Due to Antibiotics

Aspirin was not only effective for the headache. Joint team of experts from China and the United States (U.S.) found that the drug is also useful to prevent interference antiobiotik type of hearing due to aminoglycosides. Please note, these types of antibiotics commonly used for about 60 years to treat acute infections, tuberculosis, and several other diseases. Unfortunately, side effects are loss of hearing ability.

These are written in the New England Journal of Medicine and involving 195 Chinese patients who received between 80 to 160 milligram gentamicin (aminoglycoside similar) through infus, two times a day. Provision made during the five to seven days. Among these patients, 89 of them receiving the same treatment of aspirin. While the other 106 received a medication that affects plasebo (seems as if to heal), in addition to receiving antibiotic treatment.

Level of hearing loss appeared in the aspirin patients was 3 percent. Meanwhile, those who have not been given aspirin had a 13 percent disturbance. Evident that the patient be given aspirin, 75 percent are suffering from hearing loss to the level of illness are lower.

''We want to disseminate the findings to medical communities around the world so that you can do for the prevention of risks on your patients. Aspirin easy and affordable,''said Jochen Schacht, professor in the field of chemical biology Ear, nose and throat (ENT) medical school at the University of Michigan (UM)''Before, we found that the treatment was successful in mice, but I am very happy when I found that this also works in humans. Applying research from animals to humans is not that easy,''said Schacht.
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Tobacco smoke pollutant Generate More from Diesel Engines

LONDON - MIOL: Research conducted by the researchers in the UK stated that cigarette smoke produces 10 times more pollutant than many cars with a diesel plant.

A research in Tobacco Control magazine, published by the UK Health Journal, also shows that air pollution due to cigarette smoke in a closed space 15 times larger than in the open.

The experiment was performed in a garage in the city Chiavenna, northern Italy, a region that has a low pollutant content. Pollutant in the smoke is the most dangerous compound in air pollution, the gas can come from many different kinds of sources including cigarettes and pipes gas disposal. Pencemar substances that can cause various types of dangerous diseases, such as emfisema, wet lungs, asthma, and cancer.

The researchers chose a garage as the place of the experiment, because the size is similar to the office space in some places. They said that the research should get more attention because the results of an experiment that, in fact also shows the influence of cigarette smoke bad for passive smokers.

In the experiment, the diesel engine car brand Ford Mondeo with a two-liter of fuel switched on for 30 minutes in a garage with the garage door closed and six small vents left open.

They then compare the results with the trunks of three smoke cigarettes during the 30 minutes start on the garage with the same conditions the same.
A pollutant analysis tool used to measure the degree of pollutant in the experiment every two minutes.

The researchers also found that when the number of cigarettes switched pollutant particles 15 times higher than outside the room, while the amount of pollutant diesel engine when switched on only about two times larger than the outside situation.
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Plain Water Theraphy

God has given us a lot of water and free. Without the money for medicines, tablets, injections, diagnosis, physician wages, etc..

Only drinking water, diseases below can be cured.

You will not believe before to do so. Below is a list of diseases that can be cured by this therapy:

High blood
Urine Manis
Less Blood
Eye Diseases
Brain inflammation
Kidney stones
Hapa Disorders
Disease ureter
Inflammation / joint Pain Management
Excess acid fiber
Cancer hybrid
Mucous membrane inflammation
Cancer Payudara
Heart Disorders
Throat inflammation
Drunk, Pusing, nervous

How Water That Works?
Drink water with the usual method that is correct, cleanse the human body. This makes the colon work more effectively with the new form of blood, known in medical terms as aematopaises. That mucousal Fold in the large intestine and small intestine activated by this method, a fact not terbantah,
such as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by this mucousal Fold. When the bowel clean, the nutrition of food eaten several times a day and will be working with mucousal Fold, nutritional food is changed into new blood.

Blood is the most important in the cure of disease and maintain health, and therefore the water should be consumed regularly.

How To ?

Morning when you wake up to sleep (even without a toothbrush first) drink 1.5 liters of water, that is 5 to 6 glasses. Better water ditakar advance of 1.5 liters. Know that the ancestors we call this therapy as "usha paana chikitsa".

After that you can wash your face. It is important to note that do not drink or eat anything an hour before and after drinking 1.5 liters of this water. Have also been examined carefully that should not be drinking alcohol on the night before. If necessary, use boiled water or water that is filtered.

What may Drinking Water The 1.5 Liter?

For a start, it may be difficult to have a drink 1.5 liters of water at once, but slowly akan habit also. Firstly, when the exercises, you should drink 4 glasses first and the rest who drink 2 glass two minutes later. Initially you will move a small 2 to 3 times in one hour, but after some time, will be normal again. According to the research and experience, the following diseases can be cured with this therapy, such as in the below:

Constipation - 1 Day
Paru Paru-TB - 3 Months
Urine Manis - Day 7
Acid muscle - Day 2
Blood pressure - 4 Sunday
Cancer - 4 Sunday

It is recommended that people with inflammation / joint pain and rheumatism implement this therapy three times a day, ie morning, afternoon, and evening one hour before food for one week, then twice daily until it healed.

We're very, the method above to read and practiced carefully. Sebar luaskanlah this message to friends, relatives and neighbors as this is a tribute to the humanity. With the grace of God, each person should live a healthy

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Avocado, Source Fat As Energy

Fruit, including avocado fruit because it contains a special fat 20-30 times more than the other fruits. Fat can provide energy that is high enough when consumed. The type of fat, including avocado contain no saturated fat, easily digested and so useful to the body. Fat provides the energy high with a savory taste and delicious and not bitter.

Nutrition in the womb of avocado fruit is as follows:
• 95 mg phosphorus
• 23 mg calcium
• 1.4 mg iron
• 9mg sodium
• 1.3 mg potasium
• 8.6 mg niacin
• 660 I.U. Vitamin A
• Vitamin C 82 mg
Avocado fruit is rich in minerals that kesemuannya useful to set the function of the body and stimulate growth. Iron and copper are in the process of regeneration to help red blood and prevent anemia.

Avocado fruit is also a source of Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Gynecology fiber simultaneously avocado fruit can also help the process of digestion. Avocado fruit can also decrease the degree of cholesterol because it contains high carbohydrate and fat is not saturated.

So it can be avocado fruit benefits for health are:
1. Source of Vitamin E and B
2. Lower blood cholesterol
3. Damp skin
4. Assist regeneration of blood red
5. Prevent anemia
6. Prevent constipation
7. Prevent malnutrition
8. Source of the womb is not saturated fat
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Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba: expedite Blood Flow

Ginko Biloba has been used since 2800 BC in traditional China, as a drug to prevent brain health senile at the age of older. Main substance ginkgoflavono-glycoside of dikandung antioxidants ginkgo is a powerful network with the target brain to help work the brain. Protect health in the brain, ginkgo expedite the flow of blood to the brain to improve the function of nerve (neuronal) and protect from injury by neurotoksin. In addition ginkgo can improve blood flow that occur due to vessel constriction. Suplementasi to restore Alzheimer (neurologist due penuaan disease), less blood to the brain Feed (iskemia celebral) interference and improve mental function due to chronic stress. From the effects in improving blood flow to the penis, ginkgo become the first choice as drug sexual disfunction in men (impotensia)

Use: To help the flow of blood to the brain, use the capsule or tablet that contains the standard ginkgo biloba extract (24% ginkgo heterosida) 40 mg three times a day. For sexual disfungsi the recommended dose is 60 mg a day.
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Prevent Diabetes with 30 Minutes walks

Walking, also appeared to also be able to prevent diabetes.

Who does not recognize the diabetes disease? This disease can attack anyone male or female and does not consider the age of the patient.

Living with diabetes is not very comfortable. Besides can cause complications, diabetics must also depend on the diet drugs and contemporary life.

Well, one easy way to prevent this disease is to walk. Physical activity that includes mild to moderate physical activity and a more intensive, can reduce the risk of diabetes affected.

According diabetesvic.org.au lower blood sugar by reducing the production of glucose in the liver of the fat. Increasing the average glucose in the cells and glucose sensitivity, increase insulin sensitivity up to 12-24 hours after physical activity, and increase high-density liporpotein (HDL-good cholesterol) in blood.

Study in Australia indicate that participants who walk between 85 minutes-3 hours per week, can reduce the risk of exposure to diabetes 31%. The intensity of running a routine (5 days per week) for at least 3 hours per week can reduce the risk of diabetes in young people exposed to 31-42%.

Research also shows that women who actively perform physical activity such as walking, can reduce the risk of diabetes compared with the infected woman who does not do physical activity at all.

Walking is also associated with a decrease in body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes affected. Adolescents considered overweight or who do not perform active physical activity has 3 times more likely than adolescents affected diabetes who have normal body weight.

Walk for 30 minutes can improve glucose control, which can help muscles absorb blood sugar and prevent blood flow stoppage. This effect can survive for long hours or several days, but not permanent, so that walking is required regularly to control blood sugar.

Cardiovascular or heart health is better, because people with diabetes will increase the risk of heart disease, so the walk can reduce heart disease also affected.

For first, with a slow start, run for 5-10 minutes on the first day can still be received, the most important is not to get injured or sick in your body.

Add 5-10 minutes per week, then increase again to reach the goal for 45 minutes to 1 hour, 5 to 7 days a week, because it is the ideal time for the maintenance of blood glucose. But the health benefits of increasing start time of 30 minutes per day.

The most important in a walking shoe that is comfortable to use for your feet so that it does not cause injury or wound, you should use the walking shoes and do not forget the socks.

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Shopping Increase Women's Mood

Women who have a problem or the depression that many try to entertain themselves with how to spend the time to shop. Mood women also directly increases when shopping.

A survey cited in the UK from health4, Saturday (11/7/2009) mentioned that some women who have financial problems and depression to become a spirit during the shopping activity.

Polling conducted on 700 women showed that 79% of them will go shopping to create a mood they grow. Some 40% of those classified as' depression 'and 60% are classified as' less offs' made the reasons for doing shopping.

The woman who is following the survey said that their shopping experience with the strength and spirit that make them feel better.

Shopping unwittingly give the positive effect for the mood. There is a sense in the search for the goods, and the feeling terpenuhinya needs after the goods have sought to create a secure feeling that effect on the inner satisfaction and increase the spirit alive.

Professor Karen Pine of the University of Hertfordshire as the head of the survey is also justify the above description. "Activities of consumption or shopping is a way to set the intensity of emotions," he said.

He explains that the ability to manage emotions is important for mental health and physical someone.

Each person has their way to set the emotopn, such as using drugs or alcohol, and shopping is a way that is generally done by women.

However, not all women feel happy after shopping. In the survey also found that 25% of respondents said that they feel guilty and remorseful after shopping. While 70% of the respondents about their financial situation after shopping.

Shopping can excite life and a way to stress, but not until too much. Be a 'Smart Shopper' who knows when and what you should buy to improve the spirit.
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Anti Aging Drugs Found In Soil

Land in the South Pacific islands contain known types of drugs that can "combat" the aging process . A research has been proved.

When the researchers in the United States experiment with old mouse, the results can be extended from the age of mice prior estimates of more than 38%.

The findings in the Journal Nature provides new hope for world health in an effort to slow the aging process are already old.

However, experts in the UK still opposed to the findings that extend the age of man, Section of drugs that can reduce the human immune system.

Rapamycin, a drug it has been found on the first island in the eastern part of 1970s, usually used to prevent organ rejection in patients who akan ditransplantasi, open the coronary arterial blood vessel, and also as a cure for cancer.

Researchers from Texas, Michigan and Maine provide drug on mice that age is almost the same as the man at the age of 60 years, and also the physical conditions that are disease prone.

"I never thought would find anti-aging pill in this period now. Rapamycin promised this," said researchers from the Barshop Institute, Dr. Alan Richardson, as quoted from BBCNews, Saturday

Effect is given by rapamycin by limiting the entry of the same calorie food, the mind can also prolong life.

"Drugs that target seeking protein in cells, called mTOR, which functions in the body's metabolism and response to stress," says Alan.

However, researchers must find ways to cure this mereformulasi to remain stable at the time of entering the channel before the rat digestive effects medicine reduced.

"Although the experiment is successful in mice, but should be developed for humans. Environment experiments on mice are sterile and free from infection, this may not happen in the human population '" said Dr Lynne Cox, an expert at the University of Oxford penuaan.

"Apart from the effect that can extend life, it is better not to try drugs that now, because it still must be developed. The most important age not extend life, but the age of health," he added.
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Coffee is not too bad

Coffee, known more negative effects such as dependency and increase the attack of stroke due to damage to the blood vessel wall. Do not antipahateic first, if drunk in accordance doses, coffee also has a value of plus-plus.

Coffee is always identical with caffeine. Caffeine is a chemical compound or alkaloid known as trimetilsantin in the coffee of 1-1,5%.

Work is taking over caffeine reseptor adenosin (one of the nerve cells in the brain that can make someone fall asleep fast) so that it will spur the production of hormones adrenalin, and consequently do not feel drowsiness.

Dilansir from Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Friday (10/7/2009) coffee has some benefits that are very useful to the body. Coffee and stamina as the remover of pain on a low dose of caffeine, create a feeling fresh, a little excited, and will be careful to remove the sugar to the bloodstream produce extra energy.

Based on research findings in the United States that coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer affected, intestine, type II diabetes and Parkinson disease.

Coffee also contains antioxidants substances that can help or prevent free radical-radical harmful to the body. Coffee drink that coffee should not be hard, even coffee without caffeine (decaffein) also provide antioxidants substances in the same amount. In addition to beneficial effects that coffee has a dependency, so that if not controlled properly will cause a loss to themselves.

Drink excessive coffee can increase the attack of stroke due to damage to the blood vessel wall. In the pregnant women can increase heart rate, attack plasenta, into the blood circulation and a more severe may cause death.

But drinking coffee in the number who are not dangerous, could even give us the benefit. The amount that is allowed to be consumed 300 mg caffeine, equivalent to 3 cups coffee per day.

Sesorang said already addicted if consumed more than 600 mg caffeine, equivalent to 5-6 cups coffee per day. The most dangerous dose is 10 g caffeine, equivalent to 20-50 cups coffee per day. If you want to benefit from drinking coffee, do not be excessive in mengkonsumsinya. Because the benefits are not available but the impact will be bad.

It is no less important is do not enjoy coffee while smoking, because the influence of nicotine akan poor benefit from the coffee itself.
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Tomato juice Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor problems are often so large because the impact on the confidence someone. Now there are natural ways to eliminate the smell of tomato juice. How?

During this time people think that body odor can be removed with diligent bathing, using deodorant, wear body powder, perfume or using.

Body odor that occurs in every human being is influenced by factors of age, nutrition, and health. In medical language is called the body odor bromhidrosis.

Bau body itself is actually caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin, which usually grow under the armpit or other skin fold.

In addition, body odor can also be caused by the excess hormones, the use of drugs, constipation, and also because it can consume some foods that have a certain smell of fish and sting, especially garlic.

According skin care, Thursday (9/7/2009), the natural way to eliminate body odor without using chemicals is to use tomato juice. Tomatoes that have been blended for two glass mixed into the bath, and put body in for 15-20 minutes, after the bath as usual. This trust can eliminate body odor.

In addition, tomato juice can be drunk directly usual 1 cup of the day. Tomato juice remove the smell can be trusted because it contains the body of salt that can balance the skin pH so that we can reduce the body odor.

Tips dispel body odor:

  1. Note the pattern of our lives with the pattern of life to apply net.
  2. Bath regularly to remove bacteria-bacteria dikulit especially didaerah and armpit area that has great potential for Maintenance bacteria.
  3. Use one-time scrub antibakteri at the time of bathing.
  4. Choose clothing with materials that are easy to absorb perspiration like cotton, so sweat akan easily evaporate from the material that apply.
  5. Set the pattern and try to eat foods that reduce the occurrence of a source body odor.
  6. Less than cigarettes do not make breath sapid cigarettes can also make the body odor and skin damage.
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Stretching and How to stretch ?

How to stretch ?...That question always appear at the internet but How ? The basic stretching is not going to far but “No pain no Gain” The first You must use your tights, or leotard for keep your muscles warm. Warm up is very usefull for increase your cardiac output and increase the body temperature. Remember, warm up is not stretching, but light stretching is a warm up.

Stretching exercises are designed to increase range of motion. Flexibility is defined as the ability of the muscle to relax and yield to a stretching force; as such, flexibility exercises are used to increase length of the musculotendinous unit. The term flexibility exercise is often used synonymously with stretching exercise, as is done here unless it is otherwise necessary to make the distinction.

Several general guidelines should be followed to enhance the effectiveness of stretching exercises and to minimize the risk for injury. Before stretching, local application of heat or engagement in light active exercise to elevate body temperature may be beneficial because it increases soft tissue extensibility. Massage and biofeedback may be employed to promote relaxation and to decrease muscle spasm, making it easier to stretch tight muscles.

If mobility of a joint surface is limited, mobilization techniques are used before stretching exercises. Athletes should stretch until tightness is first perceived. Stretching exercises should avoid forcing the joint beyond the normal range of motion required for athletic activity. Stretching exercises should not be performed in the acute stages of healing.

Stretching during this period may jeopardize the healing tissue and aggravate inflammation. During this time, range of motion exercises rather than stretching exercises should be used.

Stretching exercises should not cause a persistent increase in pain that lasts longer than 1 to 2 hours. Caution must be used in stretching across the fracture site of a newly united fracture. Stretching exercises should not be used in an attempt to increase motion that is limited by a bony block.

Stretching exercises may be performed actively or passively. During passive stretching, the stretch is produced by forces external to the body. The external force can be applied manually or mechanically. Manual passive stretching exercises are performed by the physical therapist or athletic trainer.

Passive mechanical stretching is performed by use of a mechanical device to apply a low (5- to 10-pound) external load to the shortened tissues. Passive mechanical stretching may be performed with the use of ankle weights or other mechanical equipment. In active stretching, the stretching force is created by active voluntary contraction of the athlete's muscles. Active stretching allows incorporation of the neurophysiologic principles of stretching, which are discussed later.

Stretching exercises may be cyclic or prolonged. Cyclic stretching refers to a stretch that is maintained for a short time (i.e., less than 10 seconds) but performed for many repetitions. Prolonged stretching, on the other hand, consists of low-load stretches that are maintained for longer times for a fewer number of repetitions. The length of a prolonged stretch is variable and may range from 30 seconds or more to several hours, depending on the patient's level of tolerance.

The total end-range times for repeated cyclic and prolonged stretches may be similar. Prolonged stretching may result in greater permanent lengthening of contractile and noncontractile tissues; however, cyclic stretching may be better tolerated by the athlete.
Stretching exercises can also be performed statically or ballistically. A slow static stretch is less likely to elicit a stretch reflex response.

Ballistic stretching refers to a high-intensity, short-duration stretch that results in rapid lengthening of the muscle, which in turn stimulates the muscle spindle and facilitates a stretch reflex. The musculotendinous unit is susceptible to microtrauma with ballistic stretching. Ballistic stretching may be beneficial immediately before engaging in exercise, but it should be performed only after a warm-up that includes slow static stretching.

When the athlete demonstrates limited range of motion in the subacute or chronic phases of healing, stretching exercises are indicated to regain the motion that is necessary for athletic activity. Stretching exercises can also be used to correct muscle imbalances that result when a muscle group is tight and its opposing muscle group is weak.

In general, the tight muscle group should be stretched before strengthening exercises are performed to improve strength of the opposite muscle group. Stretching exercises may also be indicated before activity as a warm-up and after activity as a cool-down. Proper warm-up and cool-down minimize the risk for musculotendinous injuries associated with physical activity and sports.

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Can Double Travel risk of blood clots ?


NEW YORK (Reuters Health)– The Study published Monday strengthens the evidence that long-distance travel can lead to potentially fatal blood clots in some people -- showing that the risk grows in tandem with the length of the trip.

In an analysis of 14 previous studies, researchers found that, in general, travel was associated with a nearly three-fold increase in the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) -- blood clots that form in the veins, often in the legs.

If such a clot dislodges and travels to the lungs, it can cause a potentially fatal condition called pulmonary embolism.

The smallest cells in the blood are the platelets, which are designed for a single purpose—to begin the process of coagulation, or forming a clot, whenever a blood vessel is broken. As soon as an artery or vein is injured, the platelets in the area of the injury begin to clump together and stick to the edges of the cut. They also release messengers into the blood that perform a variety of functions: constricting the blood vessels to reduce bleeding, attracting more platelets to the area to enlarge the platelet plug, and initiating the work of plasma-based clotting factors, such as fibrinogen. Through a complex mechanism involving many steps and many clotting factors, the plasma protein fibrinogen is transformed into long, sticky threads of fibrin. Together, the platelets and the fibrin create an intertwined meshwork that forms a stable clot. This self-sealing aspect of the blood is crucial to survival.
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Alzheimer can be cured with Coffee ?


The coffee bean is a fruit composed of two seeds covered by a fleshy pulp. The common coffee plant, Coffea arabica, is one of the two economically important species of the approximately 30 species of coffee plants found throughout the world. Grown chiefly in the western hemisphere, the common coffee plant accounts for approximately 80 percent of total world production of coffee.

Alzheimer’s Disease, progressive brain disorder that causes a gradual and irreversible decline in memory, language skills, perception of time and space, and, eventually, the ability to care for oneself. First described by German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer in 1906, Alzheimer’s disease was initially thought to be a rare condition affecting only young people, and was referred to as presenile dementia. Today late-onset Alzheimer’s disease is recognized as the most common cause of the loss of mental function in those aged 65 and over. Alzheimer’s in people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, called early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, occurs much less frequently, accounting for about 10 percent of the estimated 5 million Alzheimer’s cases in the United States.

Although Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of the aging process, the risk of developing the disease increases as people grow older. About 13 percent of the United States population over the age of 65 is affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and about 42 percent of those over age 85 are believed to have the disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the incidence of the disease increased dramatically from 2002 to 2007, rising by 10 percent. With an aging population the number of cases is expected to more than triple by 2050 unless a cure can be found.

Alzheimer’s disease takes a devastating toll, not only on the patients, but also on those who love and care for them. Some patients experience immense fear and frustration as they struggle with once commonplace tasks and slowly lose their independence. Family, friends, and especially those who provide daily care suffer immeasurable pain and stress as they witness Alzheimer’s disease slowly take their loved one from them.
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Michael Jackson and Cardiac Arrest


On June 25, 2009, Jackson collapsed at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating him by his personal physician were unsuccessful. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics received a 911 call at 12:22 p.m. (PDT), arriving three minutes and seventeen seconds later at Jackson's location. He was reportedly not breathing and CPR was performed. Resuscitation efforts continued both en route to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and for an hour further after arriving at approximately 1:13 p.m. He was noted to have been in cardiac arrest by the paramedics who attended him at his house.Jackson was pronounced dead at approximately 2:26 p.m. local timeRumors and news of Jackson's death broke web records, triggering a cyberspace traffic jam and creating severe traffic spikes to websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia Vigils were held by members of the general public after the death.
Michael Jackson, born in 1958, American singer, dancer, and songwriter. Jackson is one of the bestselling popular music artists in history, but beginning in the 1990s he became better known for his eccentric behavior and strange personal life.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana. At the age of five he joined his brothers' singing group, which was dubbed the Jackson 5 (later renamed the Jacksons). Michael's dancing ability as well as his singing skills quickly made him the group's leader. Under the guidance of music producer Berry Gordy, founder of the Motown Records label, the group became very successful. Among the Jackson 5’s most popular songs were “I Want You Back” (1969), “ABC” (1970), and “I’ll Be There” (1970).

Jackson's first solo album, Got to Be There (1971), established him as an independent performer. Leaving the family group, Jackson played the Scarecrow in the musical film The Wiz (1978) and recorded the hit album Off the Wall (1979), which included a number of songs he had written. His 1982 album Thriller, produced by Quincy Jones, earned an unprecedented eight Grammy Awards, and would remain on the top of the Billboard charts for 9 months, eventually selling over 27 million copies in the United States alone. The music videos of the singles “Beat It” (for which he received a Grammy), “Thriller,” and “Billie Jean” from this album made Jackson a popular performer on MTV (see Music Television). The videos popularized one of Jackson’s singular dance moves, known as the moonwalk.

Jackson rejoined his brothers for the album Victory (1984) and a subsequent six-month tour. He also cowrote the song “We Are the World” (1985), which was performed by a group of more than 40 famous musicians. All profits from the single and video of this song were donated to programs targeting world hunger. Jackson's album Bad (1987) produced a number of hit singles—including the title song and “Man in the Mirror”—and his 1991 album Dangerous and its single “Remember the Time” were also bestsellers.

In 1995 Jackson’s double album HIStory was released. Half of the album is a compilation of the most successful songs from Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous, while the other half is a collection of original compositions. In 1996 Jackson won a Grammy Award for the music video “Scream” (1995), created with his sister Janet (see Janet Jackson). That same year he divorced Lisa Marie Presley, the late Elvis Presley's daughter, whom he had wed in 1994. Jackson eventually remarried and fathered two children before divorcing a second time in 1999. A third child was born in 2002 with the aid of a surrogate mother.

Jackson’s career went into decline after he faced allegations in 1993 that he had molested a 13-year-old boy. Although he was never arrested, in 1994 Jackson settled a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit with the boy’s family without admitting to any wrongdoing. The boy refused to testify against Jackson in a criminal trial, and the investigation into the allegations became inactive. Following this incident the California legislature revised state law to require victims of child molestation to testify in criminal proceedings.

Jackson released the album Invincible in 2001, but the collection of new material did not sell nearly as well as his previous albums. The same year he was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (the Jackson 5 had been elected in 1997).

In 2003 Jackson was arrested on multiple counts of child molestation, giving alcohol to a minor, extortion, and false imprisonment. The boy who accused Jackson of molestation testified during the trial, as did his mother, and testimony about alleged previous incidents of molestation by Jackson was also presented. Jackson’s defense attorneys countered by casting doubt on the credibility of the accuser and his family.

A heart attack, also known as a myocardial infarction, usually occurs when a blood clot forms inside a coronary artery at the site of an atherosclerotic plaque. The blood clot severely limits or completely cuts off blood flow to part of the heart. In a small percentage of cases, blood flow is cut off when the muscles in the artery wall contract suddenly, constricting the artery. This constriction, called vasospasm, can occur in an artery that is only slightly narrowed by atherosclerosis or even in a healthy artery. Regardless of the cause of a heart attack, the oxygen deprivation is so severe and prolonged that heart muscle cells begin to die for lack of oxygen. About 1.1 million people in the United States have a heart attack every year; the heart attacks prove fatal for about 40 percent of these people.

A person having a heart attack typically feels an intense, crushing pain in the chest, especially on the left side. The pain may radiate to the person’s neck, jaw, and left arm. The pain is often similar to an attack of angina, but more intense and longer lasting. Other signs of a heart attack include profuse sweating, nausea, and vomiting. However, heart attack symptoms can vary greatly among people. In one study, about one-quarter of people who had a heart attack felt only mild symptoms and did not seek medical attention, and about 12 percent experienced no symptoms at all.

Some people have gradually worsening bouts of angina before having a heart attack. For others, a heart attack may be the first signal of heart trouble. No matter what a person’s medical history, anyone who experiences symptoms of a heart attack should go to a hospital without delay. Oxygen deprivation can cause permanent damage to the heart within hours or even minutes, so the faster a heart attack patient receives treatment, the better the chance of survival.

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Swine flu and insurance 1977

In January some army recruits at Fort Dix, N.J., reported to the infirmary with what appeared to be bad colds. By February 13 further investigation, in cooperation with the federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, indicated that the recruits had so-called swine influenza, a relative of the Spanish flu that had broken out in the closing days of World War I and killed 500,000 persons in the United States and 20 million around the world in 1918 and 1919. This March 24, President Gerald Ford announced a program to inoculate everyone in the United States against the swine flu virus.

The four largest U.S. drug firms began work to prepare the vaccine. In June, however, the Warner-Lambert Company, which was expected to supply half the vaccine, notified the federal government that it was losing its liability insurance on the vaccine program July 1. The other companies reported they too were having difficulty with their insurance programs. It was feared by the insurers that they would face not just the usual quality control and related problems involved in such a large crash program, but that the controversial nature of the mass inoculation drive would lead to the filing of a great number of lawsuits. The insurers estimated that it would cost them $25 billion in legal expenses just to defend the suits, in addition to any monetary settlements awarded by the courts. The pharmaceutical companies asked for governmental intervention.

In August, after long debate, Congress passed legislation under which people claiming injury as a result of the vaccination program would sue the federal government rather than the drug firms. The government in turn would be able to sue the drug firms and medical personnel involved to recover money paid out in cases where negligence was proved. But the firms were freed of the responsibility—and the cost—of defending unwarranted suits. Nobody could predict at the time what the cost of this risk assumption will be to the government. In the past there have been few negligence claims in connection with flu shots. Public health officials think the cost may be only a few million dollars. However, based on their medical malpractice experience, some insurance executives believe the cost might run into the billions.

Product liability.

The swine flu insurance problem is, essentially, one of product liability. Increasingly, consumers have turned to courts to obtain reparations for injury resulting from purchased goods or services. A recent study estimated that about 1 million product liability cases were filed this year. As in the swine flu situation, just the cost of appearing in court to answer the suits can be a staggering sum for the insurers.

Several proposals have been made to deal with this cost problem, including the substitution of arbitration for jury determination of awards; the establishment of a relatively short period during which claims could be made; and the elimination or restriction of the contingent fee basis for paying lawyers. It has been charged that this fee system, under which lawyers receive payment only if they win a case, leads some lawyers to encourage suits.

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Cancer (medicine), any of more than 100 diseases characterized by excessive, uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which invade and destroy other tissues. Cancer develops in almost any organ or tissue of the body, but certain types of cancer are more life-threatening than others. In the United States and Canada cancer ranks as the second leading cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease. Each year, about 1.7 million Americans and more than 150,000 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer, and more than half a million Americans and about 70,000 Canadians die of the disease.

For reasons not well understood, cancer rates vary by gender, race, and geographic region. For instance, more men than women develop cancer, and African Americans are more likely to develop cancer than people of any other racial group in North America. The frequency of certain cancers also varies globally. For example, breast cancer is more common in wealthy countries, and cervical cancer is more common in poor countries.

Although people of all ages develop cancer, most types of cancer are more common in people over the age of 50. Cancer usually develops gradually over many years, the result of a complex mix of environmental, nutritional, behavioral, and hereditary factors. Scientists do not completely understand the causes of cancer, but they know that certain lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of developing many types of cancer. Not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising moderately for at least 30 minutes each day can lower the likelihood of developing cancer.

Estimated Cancer Incidence by Site and Sex

Just 60 years ago a cancer diagnosis carried little hope for survival because doctors understood little about the disease and how to control it. Today about two-thirds of all Americans diagnosed with cancer live longer than five years. While it is difficult to claim that a cancer patient is disease free, long-term survival significantly improves if the patient has had no recurrence of the cancer for five years after the initial diagnosis. For years, death rates from cancer were rising in developing countries. In 2006 the American Cancer Society reported that the number of cancer deaths in the United States dropped for two years in a row. The decrease was attributed to a decline in smoking, earlier detection, and improved treatment.

The National Cancer Institute of the United States (NCI) estimates that more than 10 million Americans are living with cancer or have been cured of the disease thanks largely to advances in detecting cancers earlier. The sooner cancer is found and treated, the better a person’s chance for survival. In addition, advances in the fundamental understanding of how cancer develops have reduced deaths caused by certain cancers and hold promise for new and better treatments.

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Osteoporosis, bone condition characterized by a decrease in density, resulting in bones that are more porous and more easily fractured than normal bones. Fractures of the wrist, spine, and hip are most common; however, all bones can be affected. Osteoporosis primarily affects women, who account for nearly 80 percent of all cases. White and Asian women are the most susceptible, but women of other races are also at considerable risk. Other risk factors include low calcium intake, a thin build, inadequate physical activity, certain drugs, such as corticosteroids, cigarette smoking, alcohol, and a family history of the disease.

The most common form of the disease, primary osteoporosis, includes postmenopausal, or estrogen-deficient, osteoporosis (Type I), which is observed in women whose ovaries have ceased to produce the hormone estrogen; age-related osteoporosis (Type II), which affects those over the age of 70; and idiopathic osteoporosis, a rare disorder of unknown cause that affects premenopausal women and men who are middle-aged or younger. Secondary osteoporosis may be caused by bone disuse as a result of paralysis or other conditions, including weightlessness in space; endocrine and nutritional disorders, including anorexia nervosa; specific disease processes; and certain drug therapies.

Recent research has shown that the development of osteoporosis is also related to a gene that determines the type of vitamin D receptor (VDR) a person inherits. The VDR gene exists in two forms, one of which produces a receptor that stores calcium more efficiently than the other. People who inherit two copies of the more efficient VDR gene develop high bone densities. Those who inherit two copies of the less efficient gene have somewhat less strong bones.

While there is currently no cure for osteoporosis, it is preventable in most people. Preventive measures include maintaining a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, weight-bearing exercise, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol. Hormone replacement therapy can be used to prevent and treat osteoporosis. Drugs used in treatment include raloxifene, calcitonin, and alendronate. To monitor a patient’s response to treatment, many physicians administer bone scans to determine bone density one or two times a year.
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