Stress, difference between Men and Women

Stress can befall anyone, both men and women. However, men and women have factors that cause stress differently. Who is more stress, male or female? And the more fat after the stress, male or female?

A study reported that most women will stress the problems with the financial, social and personal relationships, family and work pressure.

Unlike the women, men, more stress and increased body weight due to two factors that both start from the work, that is when they can not make a decision and because it can not learn a new skill.

From the growing body weight, women and men have differences that are far away when the stressful situation. Researchers found that women will increase in body weight compared to men.

Studies conducted by Harvard's School of Public Health and published in The American Journal of Epidemiology, as quoted Friday (21/8/2009) involving 1355 men and women in the United States and performed for about 9 years.

Allegations of the researchers, women more mengonsumsi food or ngemil and also alone and crying when being stressed so that a pattern does not eat regularly.

While men spend more themselves with friends or play music if you are stressed, although there is also a run on food as the women.

To stress, the researchers also suggested that these steps subtrahend stress as well as reduce patient stress.

1. Be careful and avoid as much as possible all causes of stress factors
2. Try to exercise as a form of stress remover
3. Perform regular breathing exercises, meditation or yoga
4. Eat balanced and nutritious
5. Enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night
6. Search therapeutist, psychologists, nutrition expert or a consultation or if problems experienced with body weight and stress
7. Drink multivitamin every day to strengthen the stamina and overcome the stress, especially that many contain antioxidants

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