Gen therapy can Overcoming blindness Since Birth

Good news for people blind since birth. Experts find therapy in a way to inject genes of blind eyes. After three months the people can begin to respond to suffering light color.

After one year receive gen therapy for conditions that cause total blindness, 3 people can now see the volunteers and one of them can even read the digital number, as reported by U.S. researchers.

The development of vision 3 people who volunteer to total blindness does not worsen during this, the doctor who menanganipun use techniques that have been reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"The development of early and very important happened in the weeks that are difficult," said Dr. Artur Cideciyan from the University of Pennsylvania, as dilansir Reuters, Thursday (13/8/2009).

"This is amazing to see that the teenage brain can adapt to penglihatannya," said Cideciyan.

Three volunteers consisting of two men and one woman, suffering from Leber's congenital amaurosis, which is usually experienced when still a baby or child. All experienced total blindness since birth due to genes, known as RPE65, a specific vitamin A to produce retina cells do not work.

The experiment is one of several efforts in the research done by the team to fix the problem with genetic menyuntikan DNA that functions properly in the virus and the virus is inserted into the DNA of healthy cells in the individual.

3 months after the doctor injected the patient with healthy genes, the patient can detect light mist that could not previously seen by the patient. A year after receiving treatment this therapy, there is no immune response that causes the eyes or body of the patient.

Cideciyan said that RPE65 gen therapy is safe and can provide a stable improvement of vision and his optimistic results may be dealing with major health problems-and also effective.

Researchers will monitor the patient's stay to a few years back and do it with the other patients to see if the amount of injected DNA will be different if more effective.

Leber congenital amaurosis type 2 has menginfeksi around 2000 people in the United States and one of several forms of blindness that can not be cured and is known as retinitis pigmentosa.

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