Fluid Needs During Fasting

Lethargic during the fast one due to lack of fluid in the body. Although fasting does not mean that 2 liters of fluid needs are ignored. Remains filled with fluid needs water consumption the same as not fasting.

Everyone must know that the ideal drink every day is 2 liters, equivalent to drinking 8-10 glasses of normal (200-250 cc content). This is important because the brain and muscle respectively terkomposisi 75% of the water. Even bone contains at least 20% water.

But sometimes the needs of daily drinking is often defeated by the discomfort that should go to the toilet several times while the work clothes are wearing pants or stockings. Not to mention the cleanliness of public toilets are often uncomfortable, so this does is help to urinate and drink less.

Ramadan is an opportunity to correct this habit with less, sufficient drinking water from open until dawn. Meet the needs of those fluids in stages from the period open until dawn because if done well would be so bloated.

"My advice is to get around to re semendasar Ramadan worshipers as possible. Not advisable to break the fast with dates or the sweet fruit and a drink of water?" Kasim said Dr. Rasjidi, SpPD-KKV, DTM & H, MCTM, MHA, SpJP, FIHA to detikHealth, Monday (31/8/2009).

Modification of this fruit can be blended with fruit or juice, no water and sugar in addition to keep drinking water. In addition to good quality water, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and ions will go there, and carbohydrates with excellent quality.

How to drink 2 liters of water per day during Ramadan?

Dr Kasim gave tips of drinking water when breaking the fast after eating sweet fruits like dates, and then after the sunset prayer, and while waiting for the time and tarawih Isha, then prayer and remembrance of the work every night and when the meal.

"Do the same thing, so when tarawih not even a full stomach, sitting at prayer begah not, can avoid the tahak during prayers on daily life did not match haripun social ethics, especially the prayer is to God," he said.

By drinking enough water during the fast threat of dehydration can also be avoided. Consume less water will make the body to take water from the components of blood that is closer. Because the water content in the blood of his blood taken will be thick, so that the distribution of blood throughout the body will be disrupted.

This condition is very influential to the kidneys, because the kidney will be difficult to remove toxins in the blood is thick. So many people are affected by renal impairment if less drinking water.

Water has many benefits, if taken properly in the sense no less, and are also not excessive. Benefits of water is already plural eliminate thirst, prevent dehydration and replace fluids lost in the body through sweat, urine, or when we breathe.

Decreased the amount of water in the body, will make the function of the organs of our bodies will also decrease, and more easily disturbed by bacteria, and viruses. The thirst of every person is a normal mechanism in maintaining the body's water intake.

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