Tomato juice Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor problems are often so large because the impact on the confidence someone. Now there are natural ways to eliminate the smell of tomato juice. How?

During this time people think that body odor can be removed with diligent bathing, using deodorant, wear body powder, perfume or using.

Body odor that occurs in every human being is influenced by factors of age, nutrition, and health. In medical language is called the body odor bromhidrosis.

Bau body itself is actually caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin, which usually grow under the armpit or other skin fold.

In addition, body odor can also be caused by the excess hormones, the use of drugs, constipation, and also because it can consume some foods that have a certain smell of fish and sting, especially garlic.

According skin care, Thursday (9/7/2009), the natural way to eliminate body odor without using chemicals is to use tomato juice. Tomatoes that have been blended for two glass mixed into the bath, and put body in for 15-20 minutes, after the bath as usual. This trust can eliminate body odor.

In addition, tomato juice can be drunk directly usual 1 cup of the day. Tomato juice remove the smell can be trusted because it contains the body of salt that can balance the skin pH so that we can reduce the body odor.

Tips dispel body odor:

  1. Note the pattern of our lives with the pattern of life to apply net.
  2. Bath regularly to remove bacteria-bacteria dikulit especially didaerah and armpit area that has great potential for Maintenance bacteria.
  3. Use one-time scrub antibakteri at the time of bathing.
  4. Choose clothing with materials that are easy to absorb perspiration like cotton, so sweat akan easily evaporate from the material that apply.
  5. Set the pattern and try to eat foods that reduce the occurrence of a source body odor.
  6. Less than cigarettes do not make breath sapid cigarettes can also make the body odor and skin damage.