The armpit smell

The body is strong out by the sweat gland, axilla, and is one place to remove the sweat. Deodorant product to be the choice for many people the armpit odor.

Other functions including the armpit sweat gland is to remove poisons from the body. Because the heat is important for maintaining optimum physical health.

Toxin from the body is removed after the process through metabolism, through urin, inhalation of carbon monoxide removing the toxic and other issued by the skin as the largest body organ.

Oxter have functions that are important to remove the poison, so it is important to the body sweating. But what caused the smell?

Experts said the smell comes from bacteria that live in the human axilla. But the main cause of armpit odor is ekskresi intestinal toxic substances that are dangerous to try to quit, but the use of deodorant with the road closed and discharge toxic substances are forced to stay in the system, as quoted Naturalnews, Wednesday (29/7/2009).

How to remove the smell is not grown using deodorant products which are not healthy, but to clean them from Feed the food into the body. In other words if you have armpit odor that is not tasty, indicates that the body needs food that can improve.

One of the foods that can cause armpit odor is red meat which is the number one cause of armpit odor, there are also more than that junk food or food dishes.

While the food may reduce armpit odor is fresh fruits, soy products, healthy oils and other healthy womb. Besides food containing aromatherapy is also good to reduce armpit odor, such as Rosemary or oregano.

Here are some steps that can be done to reduce armpit odor:

1. Usapkan axilla with white vinegar can help remove the smell from the armpit is not tasty, you can do with the cotton bud.
2. Usapkan with apple vinegar can lower the pH level in the skin of axilla. At the low pH of the bacteria that causes body odor will not be able to survive.
3. Use baby powder or baking soda on the axilla, armpit to keep this still dry. Powder will help absorb moisture and axilla also kill bacteria.
4. Make your own deodorant compound with 6-8 drops of Rosemary oil essensial in water or compound 2-3 - essensial drops of tea tree oil with the water that serves as a antibakteri.
5. Drink a glass of herbal tea is known sage can reduce sweat gland activity, especially if the body are under stress or pressure. Mix two teaspoon sage in a cup of hot water diamkan for 15 minutes and drink every day.
6. Keep health and hygiene body with a bath regularly two times a day.

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