Perfume Could Treat AIDS Patients?

Kazakhstan, Whether true or not, a researcher from Kazakhstan claimed could cure AIDS using perfume. Perfume that can be estimated that the drug would have a very expensive price.

Until now there has never been a drug that could actually cure people with AIDS. Although the medical and science is now developing an HIV vaccine for the disease AIDS, but it is still in development stage.

Since AIDS was becoming a pandemic in the early 1980s, the global is more than 25 million people died of the virus. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are currently 33 million people who are already infected.

However Beime Larzjaibaeva convinced that his invention could work and is a miracle. "This perfume could be very costly later on," he said as quoted Larzjaibaeva from Austriantimes, Thursday (17/9/2009).

To the media in his town, saying that with Larzjaibaeva inject 'perfume' in people with AIDS, he could treat immune system disorders due to AIDS. But no one knows the exact composition or the content of what is in the perfume that is claimed to cure AIDS.

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease caused as a result berkembangbiaknya HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the human body.

HIV attacks white blood cells (CD4 cells) and cause damage to the immune system. The loss or reduction in body resistance to make the person very easily infected by various diseases, including even minor ailments.

Larzjaibaeva is a scientist from Kazakhstan who was ousted from the community of researchers in the country. Whether because of his discovery that sound crazy or what.

Even a medic who handle cases of AIDS said that the ideas and actions are illegal Larzjaibaeva. "It's very illegal. Inject perfume into the human blood can be very dangerous. Not only HIV patients, but also a healthy person," said Dr. Kozhahmet Mahirov, head of Kazakhstan's Center Against AIDS.

But if it is true there is a perfume that can cure AIDS, would be very much demand.

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