What is DNA Testing?

Seizure of children, parents seek verification terrorist uterus to make DNA tests to be the main things that most awaited. As what the DNA tests? Mahalkah cost incurred? Someone prove identification through DNA tests are not semahal the dikira. Proving that truth is a price. No need to clear out of the country, DNA testing is available in Indonesia has been quite inexpensive and accurate.

DNA testing at this time is more familiar, with a variety of cases that occurred in Indonesia. Verification from the child's case Mayang Sari, a chain of Ryan, JW Marriot bombing case and the Ritz Carlton, and the case of hunting terrorist Noordin M Top that recently occurred.

Thanks to the DNA test, the process of investigation and the truth shall terbantu more easily revealed. DNA tests are usually done for personal and general purposes such as cases for the purposes of police investigation.

DNA or Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid nukleat acid is the save all information about genetics. DNA is what determines the type of hair, color and special nature of human beings.

Method used in the tests is to identify DNA fragments-fragments of DNA itself. Sederhananya or the methods to identify, collect and inventory the files unique to the characters body.

In the cell nucleus, DNA form a unity string called chromosome. Each cell has a normal human chromosome 46 that consist of 22 pairs of chromosome somatik and 1 sex chromosome pair (XX or XY).

Each child will receive half of the chromosome pairs of the father and half from the other chromosome pairs of mothers so that each individual brings nature derived from either the mother or father.

"Every person that has shaped the DNA double Helix ganda or chain, a chain derived from the mother and one again the chain derived from the father," said dr Munim Idris, forensic experts from the RSCM when contacted detikhealth, Friday (14/8/2009).

"So if want to check, eg children or not the uterus, can be seen from the child's DNA order, and compared with both parents. If the order of the DNA of the mother and father have the child, the child he was their uterus," said Munim.

Almost all parts of the body can be used to test DNA sample, but is frequently used blood, hair, caress the cheek of the mouth and nails.

DNA sample can be used from the cell nucleus and mitokondrianya. However, the most accurate is the core of the cell because the cell nucleus can not be changed.

"Normally we use the blood sample because it is easy. But blood cells is taken and white blood cells, red blood cells is not, because the red blood cell does not have a cell nucleus," said Munim.

Accuracy of DNA tests to reach almost 100% accurate. DNA pattern of errors could occur, but the probability is very small, perhaps one among a million. "Usually because of human error or a wrong interpretation," said Munim.

DNA testing methods commonly used method is elektroforesis DNA. "Methods that we use are appropriate standard FBI," said Munim.

While the method of DNA testing is the latest with the ability to use nano-sized particles of gold to berikatan with the DNA. However, this method is still to be developed in the United States.

Basically stage method with a DNA test elektroforesis includes several phases, namely the following:
1. Preparasi the sample and the sample DNA (isolation) from the body.
2. DNA purification from faeces, sewage using techniques such as protein sentrifugasi or filtrasi vacuum cleaner.
3. Income sample DNA that has been the engine dimurnikan PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) as the amplification stages.
4. Amplification results of this coffee is full DNA sequence of the DNA sample.
5. DNA sequence characterization coffee with elektroforesis to see patterns pitanya.
6. Typing phases to obtain the DNA type.
7. Finishing for mencocokan types of DNA.

Because the DNA sequence of each of the different locations and the number of DNA band (pattern elektroforesis) each individual is also different. PCR machine will read the data and show the DNA in the form of figures and images to identify DNA.

"Usually, the DNA test results can be seen 2 weeks after the sample, but most quickly be 3 days for the police," said Munim.

Several years ago the cost of DNA tests are still to reach Rp 10 million. But now is much cheaper. In the United States the cost of DNA tests, only about 400 dollars and 500 dollars, or about Rp 4 million and Rp 5 million.

In molecular Biology Eijkman Institute Indonesia, the cost for DNA testing are quite cheap compared to private places. "Cost per sampelnya 2.5 million. So if want to test children, all of 7.5 million, because the mother and father," said Munim. These costs include the cost of DNA identification consultation examination.

So, it is necessary to prove the truth? Only through DNA tests.

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