Frequently Bathroom cause Dry Skin

Everyone must bathe to clean the skin from the dust-dust and attached to lift dead skin cells. But remember do not bathe too often because it can cause skin to become dry.

Not mean that people rarely have to bathe, because if the bath is also not uncommon for the body. In addition can cause odor, also can invite the growth of bacteria and make the body become dirty. However, if too frequent bathing can make the body's natural skin layer akan terkikis, so that the body will be dry and no more layers can protect the skin.

Many types of skin disease multiformity and one of them if the situation is serious enough with ichthyosis vulgaris. This situation developed when skin cells fail to merontokkan and establish a more thick, this condition is usually called fish scale disease. This can be inherited or may occur as a result of medical conditions such as AIDS or hypothyroidism, which can make skin become someone ugly, as quoted from Health24, Friday (21/8/2009).

There are some things that most commonly causes skin to become dry bath frequency than they are:

1. Weather, generally during the winter because it has a low humidity. In addition, wind and heat that is too extreme can also make the skin that causes dehydration become dry.
2. Hard soap, a moisturizer berparfum and detergents can make the skin dry.
3. Refrigerator and penghangat room.
4. Metabolic changes that can occur because of factors due to age or condition of a particular treatment.

Symptoms usually incurred depending on the age, health, environmental factors mempengaruhinya and what the main causes. However, it is usually marked with a skin rough and uncomfortable, and sometimes redness relief.

Dry skin problem can be prevented or treated if not too severe, follow these steps:

1. Do not bathe too often in a day, Wash face once a day.
2. Do not use a hard soap, soap which contains moisturizer is best used. Avoid products that contain high Alkaline or contain alcohol.
3. Use warm water not hot.
4. Application of oil or moisturizer for a bath on the skin, moisturizer contains oil that is more effective.
5. Use moisturizer air if the air is being dried.
6. Konsumsilah enough water each day.
7. Use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 to keep the skin moisture.

By following these steps and avoid all that can be triggered menimbulkanya, then dry skin is not a problem for you. And remember do not bathe too often during the day, Shower by rights as much as 2 times a day in the morning and evening and use soap that contains moisturizer.

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