Preventing AIDS Vaccine Found

Bangkok, society might be a little berlega heart, because researchers have discovered a vaccine that can prevent a person infected with HIV to 31.2 percent. However, this vaccine can only prevent people infected, but can not treat people who are already infected.

The success of AIDS vaccine researchers made was announced in Bangkok on September 24, 2009. The vaccine is derived from the 2 previous vaccine failure and can protect people from AIDS infection for 31.2 percent. Currently being debated how to conduct testing with a limited number of vaccines that are owned and looking for ways to make better vaccines until keberhasilnnya reach a maximum 100 percent.

"The results of this research is a very important step to developing AIDS vaccines and was the first time in the world we have found a vaccine that can prevent HIV infection," says Thai Health Minister Withaya Kaewparadai, as quoted by Reuters on Friday (25/9/2009 ).

This vaccine is a combination of the vaccine Sanofi-Pasteur's ALVAC Canary pox / HIV and HIV vaccine failed AIDSVAX made by the company in San Francisco called VaxGen and is now owned by a nonprofit organization Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases. This experiment the U.S. government sponsored and conducted by the Thai public health ministry. This vaccine can reduce the risk of infection to 31.2 percent at 16,402 volunteers for 3 years.

The AIDS virus has infected about 33 million people worldwide and has killed 25 million people identified in the year since the 1980s. This affects the immune cells called T-cells. This discovery has instilled new hope in the field of HIV vaccine research and promised that an HIV vaccine is safe and very effective will be available for the entire population of the world most in need.

To be able to make AIDS vaccines required in-depth analysis and Dr. Donald Francis of Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases, adding that the company has limited the amount of remaining vaccine to test and make more vaccine.

Successfully created a vaccine that could help prevent HIV infection but could not do anything to reduce the virus already in the person's body. In addition to immune system response can be generated to protect anyone. In this study the vaccine is formulated specifically to work against two subtypes of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) clade E, which is circulating in Thailand and Southeast Asia and the clade B circulating in the United States and Europe. The volunteers receive injections six times for more than 6 months with four shots and two ALVAC injections AIDSVAX. ALVAX is genetically engineered canarypox virus that has been incorporated into synthetic versions of three HIV genes, while AIDSVAX made using two versions of one HIV gene, one of subtype B and one from subtype E.

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