Health Nutrition for Children's Eye

Infants and children learn about the world through the eyes. Treatment and proper nutrition will help the development of their vision so that your baby will be able to know the world and science.

There are several nutrients that are known to be useful for the development of the eye and maintain optimal eye health, namely:
Vitamin A

1. Required to convert light into electrical signals to be processed in the brain and maintaining growth and membrane corneal conjunctiva.
2. Vitamin A deficiency blindness begins with evening, bitot spots, and can end up with blindness.
3. Found in milk, dairy products, eggs, green vegetables such as spinach, and fruits like carrot orange.


1. Required for early retinal development.
2. Lack of taurine can cause retinitis pigmentosa.
3. Found in meat, milk, but not found in vegetables and fruits.

DHA and AA

1. Visual acuity is required for perception and vision for children aged 4-7 years.
2. Lots contained in breast milk. A good source of DHA is also found in fish oils and animal fats contain AA.


1. Known role as the protector of the retina of the eye, especially blue light radiation hazards, and can be as an antioxidant.
2. Lots contained in breast milk, green vegetables such as spinach, and there is little on the carrots.

There is already attending a special supplement to maintain eye health in children, the tablets KIDS VISION BIO suction taste grapes. Bio Kids vision contains bilberry extract, betacaroten, DHA and Vitamin C. The combination of elements Bio Kids are appropriate vision for the children so that they can grow up healthy, so as to achieve the best educational achievement later on because they have healthy eyes and good health

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