Small Things that Make Your Age Longer

Who do not want long-lived? Longevity means that the opportunity to enjoy a longer life. Maybe you will not suppose, little habits that you do in fact lead you reach that age longer.

The average age of men generally up to 60-80 years. Very rare man who can live up to 90 or 100 years more, but it is not possible you can not reach it.

Advances in technology, health, education, prevention and handling of the disease-specific handling may be able to manipulate it and make someone have a longer life.

However, if you will be surprised to know that all that can be only with the habits and simple is not so important that you may do every day.

Based on the latest studies on living longer quoted from Prevention, Monday (10/8/2009), there are 10 signs someone is likely to achieve longevity.

1. Your mother was born when you are still young
Based on research from the University of Chicago, a young mother still in the egg cell is very good for fertilisasi, which allows children to produce a more healthy, strong and aged longer.

2. You tea lovers
More than 40,500 women and men, people in Japan that involved the study of the effect of tea on health mengonsumsi shows heart disease risk and stroke is much lower than those who rarely mengonsumsi tea.

3. You prefer to walk rather than ride a vehicle
Those who are able to fit on foot, whether it is just for lunch or go to the mall. Walking 30 minutes every day will extend the age, based on a study of 2603 women and men.

4. You avoid drinkables bersoda
The researchers in Boston found that those who drink soda mengonsumsi each day increase the risk of diabetes, heart trouble and other metabolik. The juice will be more healthy for your body.

5. You have a strong foot
According to Robert Butler, MD, of the International Longevity Center-USA in New York City, they have the musculature is weak feet that will not be easy because they are long on experience complications tulangnya.

6. You mengonsumsi purple food
Fruits such as grape, blueberry and other food that is rich purple akan polifenol a very good idea to reduce heart disease, and Alzheimer's ability to increase brain cells.

7. Including youth with ideal body weight and healthy
A study in the Journal of Pediatrics involving 137 people, and African American who said that they have excess body weight at the age of 14 years and over have a risk of diabetes doubled during dewasanya.

8. You like your friends and frequently interact with their
"Interpersonal relationship that serves as both competitor and penyeimbang stress your life," says Micah Sadigh, PhD, a psychologist from Cedar Crest College. Having people who support you will make you healthy physically and mentally. They stress that the body has a resistance that is weak and can cut up to age 4-8 years.

9. You like a challenge
"When you feel tertantang do things, attention will be focused and your brain will have a greater strength, and it can prolong your life," said Robert S. Wilson, PhD, professor neurological sciences and psychology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

10. You do not have at the house
Based on a study of 302 adults with the age of 70 and 80 years old, only with a swab, wash or clean the window a few hours, a person can burn 285 calories and reduce the risk of death by 30 percent.

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