Flu In Children

Many parents panic when their child is exposed to flu, especially flu in children is usually accompanied with cough and fever. There are many myths that trusted people about this during the flu in children. Is it true that these myths?

When exposed to flu, coughs, stomach aches and ear infections, everyone has their own theory. Some of the myths usually come from the generation or terdahulunya based on previous knowledge, even that were already there.

But most of the myths are not true, this is the fact that he actually, as quoted from the Wattpad, Saturday (8/8/2009):

Snot green means something more going from bad flu
In fact: There is always like that. Snot the cornea is normal, the snot green or yellow are also symptoms of the flu. However, the colored snot unusual accompanied with high fever, cough, a decrease in sense of taste or nose can clog already infected as the bacteria and usually require antibiotics.

Flu spread more quickly before symptoms arise
In fact: The flu is easily visible when the symptoms are severe. That is why this infection occurs more often when the child flu and cough or sneeze, sneezing can also contact from the hands of a sick child with a sound that contains the virus. Flu will not spread if the symptoms do not arise, because the mediator is required to spread through the air or like objects.

Flu causes ear infections
In fact: There is always like that, almost all caused by the flu virus, while 90 percent of ear infections caused by bacteria. So, what is causing children to suffer, such as ear infections during flu?

"Flu nasal mucus and the other liquids that can ascend to the ear channel, resulting in an ideal environment for bacterial growth," said Ari Brown, MD So, not the flu that causes ear infection but the fluid up to the ear channel.

There is no need to treat a mild fever
In fact: Depending on what is perceived by children. Fever also means the body against infection are stimulated with the immune system and kill bacteria and viruses that can not survive temperatures down and become normal again. But it's not a reason to leave the child a fever, try to maintain the comfort menyembangkan between the child and let the body work. If the child looks listless, weak, give pain medicine that can make them relax and sleep, but if the children remain cheerful and beraktivitas may only need to observe and make sure to stay hydrate.

Do not kiss children if parents flu
In fact: When sneezing or coughing will bring a virus or bacteria is more in the hands, while the saliva or saliva only take a few viruses and bacteria. So, the best way to protect children is not so with the flu is to wash hands as often as possible after coughing or sneezing.

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