Brain Gymnastics Children Overcome Trauma Victims

Gymnastics brain or brain gym that is known for can only help improve the intelligence of a child's brain, it can also help overcome the child traumatized by natural disasters.

Natural disasters like the tsunami happens or earthquake, could cause a deep trauma for the children. Trauma can be caused by the terrible experience of going through or lose their parents and where he lived.

"Exercise can help brain trauma by doing relaxation, stress or fear out there in the child and increasing the confidence and spirit of children," said Tri Gunadi OT, S. Psi in talk show The Brain Gym Movement For Children's Intelligence STIKOM LSPR, Jakarta, Saturday (3/10/2009).

Tri Gunadi added prior to the brain gym, trainer to find out in advance the level of child trauma. Does trauma mild, moderate or severe. After that the movement can be determined what should be done to help children separated from a sense of trauma.

"We've done this at the time of the tsunami disaster in Aceh, with the assistance of the medical team, therapists, psychologists and trainers brain gymnastics. We do it every day for 2 weeks and the results obtained is very good," said visiting professor of clinical child professions Faculty of Psychology UI .

The time needed to deal with depending on how high the level of trauma experienced by the child. Usually the movement needed by disaster victims are children gymnastic movements that can improve self-motivation or enthusiasm.

Movement such as Thinking Cap (ears) that functions to deliver a sense of comfort to the center of the ear. The movement to make children become able to sit quietly and concentrate on the stable center of balance. Balance and movement Button (balanced key) that activates brain function and focus, make decisions, concentrate and associative thinking.

"To help young victims of natural disasters, we usually come when the child's condition was good in the sense of injury or injuries are treated by a doctor," said a member of the UI psycholocigal this crisis.

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