Identify Allergy Triggers

Red skin accompanied by itching, sneezing or itchy eyes? If you experience these symptoms, you may suffer an allergic reaction. It is better known allergens in order to handle properly.

Or allergic reactions called hypersensitivity reaction is an exaggerated immune response with varying degrees ranging from mild to severe of a particular substance that is normally harmless.

Substances that cause allergic reactions hereinafter referred to as allergens. The reaction between allergens and the antibodies that cause us allergic.

There are two types of allergic reactions are:
Fast type allergy 1.Reaksi
Allergic reactions that occur within a few minutes to several hours after contact with allergens, and then disappear quickly, too. Clinical forms of allergic reactions such as the type of this rapid anafilaktik shock, allergic to house dust, bronchial asthma, etc.. Anaphylactic reaction can be frightening, the child feels his throat clogged or collapsed.

Slow type allergy 2.Reaksi
Allergic reactions that occur within a few hours to several days after contact with allergens, but also lost in a relatively long time too. Clinical forms of allergic reactions such as the slow type hypersensitivity against bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc..

Allergy Causes

Individual allergic reactions, which means that a substance causes allergies for an individual is not necessarily equal to allergens other individuals.

The most common allergens causing allergic reactions is the powder plant, certain types of grass, tree species are smooth-skinned and thin, pollen spores, drugs such as penicillin antibiotics, Anticonvulsants, sulvonamid.

While from food such as seafood, eggs, beans, peanuts, soybeans and other beans, milk, corn and flour corn.

Allergies from animals such as insect stings, animal fur, cockroaches, dust and fleas.
Additives in food flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

While the cause of most allergies in infants aged 0 -1 years of food (milk), drugs, infections, insect, and certain systemic diseases.

To avoid allergic enough to bersabahat with allergies, it means to recognize the allergens that cause allergies we can avoid allergies. Avoiding illness is better than cure diseases. But if the allergic reaction is coming, like it or not treated. Allergy treatment is with anti-allergy drugs.

Anti-allergy drugs are various kinds. One of them is a group of anti-allergic drug histamine 1 (AH-1). We have been marketing the PT Indofarma AH-1 drugs are the generic 10 mg tablets CETIRIZINE. The advantages of this product is effective and fast to overcome allergies is non-sedative (with no or little cause drowsiness) and quite used once a day.

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