5 Causes Bald Problems

Bald is one of the common problems that occur on the hair. This problem can occur in women or men, but many occur on unumnya men.

Bald problem usually begins with the hair that is easy to fall off and broken. Hair fall is usually the start of d.ahi and the longer the back, causing bald in the front of the head.

However, in some people who have experienced it in the middle bald hair. There are many factors that could cause bald, some of which may be can not be controlled.

Here are some of the causes of bald, as quoted from eHow, Friday (14/8/2009):

1. Transcription factors, the American Academy of Family Physicians states that the cause of bald the most common factor was that the offspring. If parents have bald then one of the children who have experienced bald also.
2. Hormones are not balanced, it bald because that is not balanced hormones such as androgens and estrogens, or not too actively tiroid gland. This hormonal condition can be corrected with the doctor and treatment.
3. Effects after surgery, American Academy of Family Physicians says that bald sometimes going three or four months after undergoing major surgery. However, after some time away hair can grow back.
4. The influence of drugs, some medications such as blood pengencer, treatment for bone, and chemotherapy drugs can cause hair antidepresi ideas that can trigger bald.
5. Due to fungus infection, fungus infections that occur in the scalp can cause bald, should be treated with anti-fungus medicine or consult with a skin doctor.

There are many ways you can do to prevent the occurrence of bald, except for certain factors that can not be prevented. To prevent bald follow the following steps:

1. Start your morning with a healthy foods and balanced. With healthy foods, will provide nutrition that can protect the scalp and hair follicle. Foods that contain high protein is good for hair and nail growth.
2. Try to consume more water white. Water is one of the fluid needed by the body including hair, because the scalp will be more healthy if many of the white water into the body.
3. Konsumsilah multivitamin. Especially those containing nutrients such as beta karoten that is very important in hair growth and care.
4. Drink vitamin B complex because it contains high protein is good for hair, nails and skin. If the skin healthy, it will make the skin become more healthy, so avoid bald and encourage hair growth.

After knowing the cause and how to address them, hopefully you can avoid this problem bald.

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