Healty Old

Who says far more happiness when people get old because so many problems? Do not wrong even though dibayangi emerging disease threats and lack of income, that the old people would feel more happy.

Research conducted by psychologist Dr. Susan Turk Charles from the University of California menujukkan that many parents in the UK such as that in the age of the happy parents.

UK is one country that has a number of parents that much. Rasionya 1 of 4 people in the UK these last 25 years have aged more than 65 years. Even in the year 2030 the population of parents in the UK is estimated rasionya 100 of 30,000 people.

Dr. Susan says although there is a concern in older age, that people are easily hurt, reduced income, social status changes, but most of them feel happier life.

Parents surveyed claim to have overcome a lot of stress and learn mengindari situations that make them depressed. This should be done according to Susan also by young people.

Meanwhile, research conducted by the same psychologist Dr. Laura Carstensen of Stanford University conducted a survey of those aged 18 to 90 years-an. Cartensen examine what to do when get sesorang trial and efforts in keeping emotions.

The result, parents often experience a negative mood of the young and rather more resilient to criticism and have a trial. Parents are also far better in the emosinya.

"They tend to want to do the best and avoid the things that will make their lives difficult," said Cartensen as dilansir from the BBC, Sunday (9/8/2009). The same is also disclosed Andrew Harrop, psychologists who deal with public policy issues for parents. Diakuinya, many people fear the fear of life because life the end of the proximity and number of disease problems. In fact, many people consider old age to make life often worry with fear. "Too many people assume that getting older means sick, weak and very dependent mobilitasnya other people. However, this is not correct and should be again," he said.

Harrop said that occur, parents are now more active, healthy and enriched life experience. "There is acceptance that the good in people, not because the older they can no longer contribute to make life and the environment," he said.

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