Solution for Child Obesity

Obesity is happening to children today has become a scourge to society. It is estimated that by 2020, children were obese at age 7 years to 15 years reached 65 percent. Do not allow children to excess weight quickly find a solution.

Not that children eat less direct, ask for more movement and physical activity becomes more effective than just cutting his food ration. Do not despair handle child obesity because it for the future of health.

Many things that also affect a child grow up to be obese. The factors that influence it is a mistake in choosing food for children's consumption because it contains high trans fats, lack of physical activity, parents who have excess weight and the genetic factors that influence.

"Child obesity is said if you lose weight 40 percent higher than the ideal weight and overweight if their weight is higher than 20 percent of ideal body weight," said Dr. Angela C Ardhianie, in the Mom's Club Childhood Obesity, in Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia, Friday (2/10/2009).

Angela added if a child is born with weight above the average, the percentage of the obese is 45 percent or even well into adulthood obesity. Depending on how the handling since the age of the children.

"If less physical activity and eating are not controlled, such as only watch TV or play games only a child could be obese, even when birth weight is not excessive," said a doctor who practiced in the Healthy Choice Wellness Center.

In addition to physical activity, food very influential factor. Currently people tend to want things that are practical, so often eat fast food and instant. These foods usually contain trans fats (trans fat) is high and it can cause a person to experience obesity.

Trans fat causes obesity but can also bind minerals consumed by the child, so that obese children often have mineral deficiencies in the body.

"And for the body fat intake per day is only just 3 grams, while the fast food per serving contains 3 grams of fat," said the doctor graduated from Indonesian Christian University in 1998.

Obesity can cause problems for the child such as lower self-confidence, triggering diabetes, liver problems, respiratory disorders and sleep disorders and may have cholesterol and high blood pressure. While the social problems arising is to lower self-esteem, so ridicule, can trigger depression and anorexia and bulimia problem.

Angela provides solutions that can be done to deal with children who are obese, namely:

1. Adjust your child's diet with the recommended food pyramid.
2. Make sure children eat breakfast with correct and try each containing fruit and breakfast would be great if juiced.
3. Vary the types of food.
4. Familiarize children eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
5. Avoid fried foods, better baked or boiled foods.
6. Limit the use of sugar.
7. Consider serving snacks to children, if you can replace a child with fruit snacks.
8. Familiarize children to exercise or can also diligently walking.
9. Careful in reading food labels, because many producers of food fat-free writing and writing with the other terms that are not understood by common people.

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