Patrick Swayze died after Pancreatic Cancer

Los Angeles, Pancreatic cancer claimed the lives of celebrities again. Two years ago Luciano Pavarotti died of this disease and now the actor Patrick Swayze died after failing to fight pancreatic cancer at the age of 57 years.

"Patrick Swayze died peacefully today with family at his side after fighting his pain for 20 months," said Patrick spokesman was quoted by People, Tuesday (15/9/2009).

Stars 'Ghost' and 'Dirty Dancing' was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer since January 2008. Broadway dancers had to fight with various drugs.

Diseased not make Patrick lost his spirit. He startled Hollywood because it starred in a TV series about a detective called 'The Beast'. The show aired earlier this year.

Texan actor's departure had left his beloved wife, Lisa Niemi who has married for 32 years. Since the beginning of the year that Patrick may recover from this cancer difficult. But he refused to stop fighting with his wife. Goodbye Patrick Swayze.

Pancreatic cancer is known in medicine as a cancer that is malignant and the patients rarely recover. Besides Patrick, celebrities who died of pancreatic cancer is Luciano Pavarotti, the Italian seriosa singer who died at the age of 72 years on September 6, 2007.

The National Cancer Institute noted only 19% cases of pancreatic cancer that can be saved the rest is difficult to fight this cancer within a year after being diagnosed. The spread of pancreatic cancer through the lymph nodes. Pancreas in the body produces many digestive enzymes and some hormones.

Initial attack if exposed to this disease usually abdominal pain and the pain spread to his back, weight down, often a high fever, loss of appetite and continued to feel sick. The cause of pancreatic cancer is unknown but certainly not a healthy lifestyle is the trigger as smoking, drinking alcohol and obesity. Pancreatic cancer occurs more in people aged over 45 years.

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