Stroke Disease Children's So Young

Cincinnati, stroke is a disease commonly known as the parent has now become a disease of young children. Research shows that stroke is now dominated by young people than old people. Good news for parents, but not for those who still want to have longevity.

Obesity and hypertension (high blood pressure) are the two causes of the most blame. If previously suffered a stroke many parents, young people who are now the highest risk of suffering from a disease that causes bleeding in the brain and paralysis of this organ.

According to the study, for 3 years back, the tendency of stroke patients aged 60 or 70-year decline, while stroke patients aged 20 to 45-year increase.

Brett Kissela, a professor at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute called the discovery of this as a frightening discovery and need serious attention.

"Stroke should not be a disease of young people developing the disease for a long time before attacking someone. The disease is the result of something we did in the past. If young people today have had a stroke, it means the habit since little is not true," explained Kissela as reported by HealthDay, Thursday (25/2/2010).

Kissela, and colleagues conducted a study of 1.3 million people in five American states. According to Kissela, the main cause of increased stroke in young people is high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

The phenomenon of increasing cases of stroke in young people and contributing factor was recognized by Brian Silver from the American Stroke Association.

"Obesity will increase the work of the heart, triggering hypertension, cause insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. All of these factors certainly cause a stroke. A small stroke in the brain can cause memory problems and other problems," said Brian.

To reduce the risk of stroke, a person needs to control the pressure and keep blood sugar normal, and certainly the most important is regular exercise. Service centers also need to be multiplied a stroke to stroke patients can still get a consultation for healing


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