Weight Loss Secrets of Success Drastic Down

Confused determine the pace of the most effective diet to lose weight? Perhaps steps undertaken Tracie Creasy, a woman from Virginia who managed to lose weight 57 pounds in just 2 years can be an example.

Tracie Creasy (30 years) came out of his weight problems that interfere when he is not fit and wear jeans. From there he was thinking, what if her weight continued to increase and no longer fit the clothes on his body?

Finally in August 2006, he intended to carry out a mission to lose weight. Every day, the one thing that always comes to mind Tracie is how to lose weight. Tracie decided to do an all-out diet, but naturally.

Tracie originally chose to run a 3-step mission, namely to reduce food portions, reducing the fast food and soda. But he was not satisfied with the results of these diets. Finally Tracie also add another step followed by water aerobics, walking, cycling continued to reduce food portions and soda.

After trying desperately to carry out all his efforts, in the year 2008 as a result Tracie managed to lose weight as much as 57 kg of weight before reaching 133 kg. Now Tracie weight is 76 kg.

Losing weight drastically Tracie was surprising because experts say that the average person can generally only lose 2 kg of weight per month.

Here is a success and the steps undertaken Tracie diet for 2 years, as quoted from the Health, Friday (9/10/2009).

November 2006: Implementing a diet (do not drink soda, fast food and eat in small portions)
December 2006: Diet food and water aerobics classes (successfully dropped 10 pounds)
September 2007: Diet food, water aerobics and stay active to walk 5 km every day.
December 2007: Forward the diet, aerobics, walking and cycling activities increase.
July 2008: Achieving ideal body weight (57 kg made it down).

Because of his success to lose weight, Tracie is now appointed to be a fitness instructor and helping women who want to get the ideal body weight. If Tracie could do that, all the obese people should be able to imitate any Tracie efforts and intentions as long as there is willpower.

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