People rarely Drinking Alcohol Even More Depression

Norway, Who says free of alcohol can make a person more healthy and happy? The proof, researchers from Norway to find those who rarely consume alcohol even more depressed.

The fact the opposite was found by the penelti from the University of Bergen, Norway. As quoted in Time, Thursday (8/10/2009), they say that people who had never consumed alcohol at risk of depression and anxiety being greater than those who used alcohol regularly mengonsumi.

In the Journal of Addiction, is mentioned as many as 38,000 people in Norway following the study. The study, led by Jens Christoffer Skogen was doing a survey to determine the intensity of alcohol consumption of participants in recent weeks. The researchers also asked a few things that can indicate whether a person is depressed or not.

The result was quite surprising. At the top, the researchers found those easily depressed was never or rarely consumed alcohol. While the percentage of participants who consume alcohol frequently depressed but only about 5 of just 100 people, a very small amount.

Some participants have abstained but the answer is known also in higher levels of depression. It turned out after investigation, the group is the people who have chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. They assume that by avoiding alcohol they will be healthier.

But the reality is they are actually more depressed. In contrast to the group, the other abstentions (those with chronic illness but rather to consume alcohol) instead of depression less is only about 14 percent. That means they are happier lives by consuming alcohol.

Although many possibilities that could happen, like maybe a chronic disease who did not consume alcohol to depression because they do not have friends to share, feel alone and melancholy nature than those who have the disease but rather to consume alcohol.

From the survey results were known alcohol is useful in relieving depression. Previous studies conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles also show that alcohol is useful for protecting brain damage due to accidents.

The ability of alcohol can lower body temperature, slow death of the body cells and brain and prevent swelling and bleeding may explain why people who drink alcohol more often less depressed.

However, this study does not necessarily recommend someone to consume alcohol to avoid a depression, but researchers only want to know why it happened. Alcohol is recognized as a substance which has the advantage, but it seems more losses. There are many ways to get rid of depression such as exercise, getting enough sleep, consumption of nutritious foods and share problems with others.

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