Mixed anxiety disorders and depression

These disorders include patients who have symptoms of anxiety and depression, but did not meet the diagnostic for an anxiety disorder or a mood disorder. The combination of depression and anxiety symptoms cause significant functional disturbances of the affected people.

There is a link between anxiety and depression. According to medical science, relevance is evidenced by 1) the existence of the same neuroendocrine both disorders in people with depression or anxiety, 2) hipeaktivitas because selevan noradrenergic system caused in some patients with depression and in some patients with panic disorder, 3) the drug is useful serogernik in menobati depression and anxiety disorders, 4) symptoms of anxiety and depression are genetically related to some families.

The symptoms of this disorder is shown with both symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Psychotherapy on patients can be therapy or cognitive behavior modification. Farmakoterapi may include antiansietas antidepressant drugs or both. Among ansiolitik drugs, the use may be indicated because triazolobenzodiazepin effectiveness of these drugs in treating depression with anxiety. A drug that affects the receptor serotim like buspiron, may be indicated. Among the antidepressants, antidepressants serotonergik perhaps the most effective.

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