Ear Inflammation

Chronic middle ear inflammation or chronic otitis media supuratif (Omsk) is a chronic inflammation of the middle ear with a hole (perforation) in the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and a history of discharge (secretions) from the ear (otorea) more than 2 months, either continuously or intermittent. Society used to call this illness with the term "congek".

Exit fluid (sometimes like a runny nose) from the ear hole. This fluid can get out continuously or occasionally.

Some of the following efforts be made to prevent the incidence of the middle ear inflammation such as: reducing air pollution levels, especially in the home by not smoking, improved sanitation facilities through the ease of getting clean water and adequate ventilation of the room, improving the immune system by eating a clean, healthy and nutritious , increase in personal hygiene, not picking at random ear, treatment of respiratory infections and paranasal sinus infections completely and nasal allergy treatment appropriately.

For infants and children with congenital defects ceiling cracks surgery reconstruction efforts and further therapy can reduce the incidence RKSTT.

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