Flu & Activity

Flu disease often regarded as a mild disease but it is very disturbing activities. Flu season often appeared during transition and when the body's immune system weak, so was unable to block the virus.

The virus causes the flu is influenza virus, coronavirus, rhinovirus and RSV. There is also the cause that of the Haemophilus influenza bacteria and Streptococcus pneumonia.

Flu spread easily when we are in contact with patients or saliva spray from patients who are sneezing or coughing.

This disease usually appears as quickly as in your neighborhood this disease. The virus is easily entered when a person experiences poor sleep, fatigue or rain.

The most common symptoms are frequent sneezing, runny nose, runny nose, cough, headache, fever, body aches so. Get plenty of rest with sleep helps the recovery of flu.

As experienced Mother Ira Nuraini, employee-owned water company areas of Surabaya, Jl. Dr. Moestopo Surabaya. One time Mother Ira had the flu, due to changes in uncertain weather in the city of Surabaya. Of course this is disturbing their daily activities.

Mother Ira interested in Indo Drug Charge brochures available at the counter, in her mind Mother Ira asked what this drug really works, it costs only 1000 dollars kok. But to find out that Indo Drug Charge is a government program in this program supported by the health department Ira's mother finally bought Indo flu medicine to stock 5 blisters at home.

After a few moments to drink the medicine, then the mother feels cold Ira subsided, but new mothers consume Ira 2 x 1 tablet away from the recommended dose of 3 x 1. Finally, Ira's mother doubts will savor Drug Charge unanswered Indo, Indo Drug Charge is a powerful drug and quality.
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The Importance of Hormone Therapy After Menopause

Hot, afraid to have sex, can not hold urine, even wanted to end life are some symptoms of menopause in women. Willy-nilly, like do not like, when it will arrive. However, these symptoms can be overcome if women want to follow hormone therapy.

Menopause is a natural process that can not be prevented. Menopause is defined as the time after 12 months without menstruating women (amenorrhoea). The average age a woman enters menopause is 51 years old. Each year, approximately 25 million women in the world through the menopause. So what should worry about with the menopause?

"Want not want to, menopause is surely coming. Women do not panic, it should be happy, do not have ribet, ribet ngurusin longer periods and do not have to serve her husband again? But women should know is, with no longer periods it was a cause more problems , "Prof. Dr. med. Ali Baziad, SpOG (K) in Hormone Therapy seminar Improve Menopause Symptoms and Improve Quality of Life which was held at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/10/2009).

In order to commemorate the World Menopause Day 2009 which falls on 18 October,
Prof.. Ali reminded the importance of estrogen hormone therapy for menopausal women who experience a quality of life for the better future in his old age.

Unfortunately, awareness of the importance of this hormone therapy is still very lacking in Indonesia. "They would rather take tranquilizers, vitamins, or sleeping pills to cope with menopausal symptoms. He thought it would disappear, but the only panacea for menopausal hormone estrogen yes itself. Hormones can be given in pill form, tablets or patches by a doctor, "explained Ali.

What are the symptoms of menopause that?

There are 2 symptoms of menopause, a short-term and long term. For the short term, as Ali mentioned symptoms are often too hot (hot flushes), difficult to hold urine, fear of sex, and wanted to end life (depression).

"So if you feel cold husband, wife hot and sweaty instead. Or was ngantri would shake even dying for a pee. But the most complained of did not want to have sex again with her husband because her vagina was dry. Obviously aja sick, because estrogen is low, so is no more oil. So husbands and sincere please be advised if a wife refuses sex, rather than made-up but it will hurt it if you put a penis, "said Ali.

The long-term symptoms of brittle bones (osteoporosis), coronary heart disease, Alzheimer's (dementia), stroke, colon cancer, tooth loss and cataracts. To alleviate and reduce these risks, the estrogen hormone therapy is very necessary. But unfortunately only a few women who have the awareness to do this can be done but if you extend the life of life, reduce the risk of death and improve quality of life.

"Many say expensive, fear of breast cancer or other reasons. But hormone therapy is cheap kok and if consumed regularly, she could still fit, healthy and have a tight skin in old age and menopause," said Ali.

But now, the menopause has begun experienced by women in middle-aged. Pattern of unhealthy living is believed to be the trigger. Genetic factors could also be the cause, because when he was born, she was rationed eggs and the average female egg cell is 400,000 eggs until they reach menopause.

"Many women who come to the doctor complaining of symptoms of depression, fear of sex or bone pain. They do not realize that it is a symptom of menopause. When told that, they do not believe it because he's only 30 or 40 years," said the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany is.

According to the doctor who is also head of the division Imunoendrokinologi Dep. Obgin FKUI-RSCM it, now is a lot of menopausal symptoms experienced by women and mothers of middle-aged. That's because their lifestyle is not healthy when he was young. "The women today are a lot of smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs weight loss, and all types of drugs. But drugs and toxic substances that can kill the eggs, because eggs are sensitive to chemicals. As a result they have a premature menopause, "said Ali.

Therefore, if you do not want to have a premature menopause, women should get a healthy lifestyle from an early age, especially during adolescence. "Banyakin source of food consumption of soy phytoestrogens, Bengkuang, papaya. Banyakin also moving, sports, sun since the age of 12 years," said Ali.
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Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Hypertension is a persistent increase of arterial pressure, ie diastolic pressure above 95 mmHg. Normal blood pressure usually does not exceed the systolic pressure 140 mm Hg and diastolic does not exceed 90 mmHg. However, normal blood pressure standards are individual in nature.

As many as 90% of cases the cause of hypertension is unknown. But can also be secondary to heart disease / kidney disease, diabetes, or tumors of the adrenal gland, drugs, or pregnancy.

The things that can cause hypertension, among others; smoking / drinking alcohol, eating lots of salt and fat, lack of exercise, obesity, and stress.

The symptoms of this disease, among others; usually no symptoms until complications arise. Accompanying complications are usually; stroke, heart failure, and kidney damage.

Hypertension can be prevented by routine examination every year after age 30 years, does not smoke / drink alcohol, reduce excess weight when, aerobics, and control stress.

While the treatment of hypertension, among others; treatment without medication (diet low in salt / cholesterol / saturated fat, emotional stress relief, stop smoking / alcohol, and light physical exercise and regular) and antihypertensive drugs.
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Ear Inflammation

Chronic middle ear inflammation or chronic otitis media supuratif (Omsk) is a chronic inflammation of the middle ear with a hole (perforation) in the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and a history of discharge (secretions) from the ear (otorea) more than 2 months, either continuously or intermittent. Society used to call this illness with the term "congek".

Exit fluid (sometimes like a runny nose) from the ear hole. This fluid can get out continuously or occasionally.

Some of the following efforts be made to prevent the incidence of the middle ear inflammation such as: reducing air pollution levels, especially in the home by not smoking, improved sanitation facilities through the ease of getting clean water and adequate ventilation of the room, improving the immune system by eating a clean, healthy and nutritious , increase in personal hygiene, not picking at random ear, treatment of respiratory infections and paranasal sinus infections completely and nasal allergy treatment appropriately.

For infants and children with congenital defects ceiling cracks surgery reconstruction efforts and further therapy can reduce the incidence RKSTT.
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In normal conditions the tendon serves to channel the force into the bone. However, if the tendons become inflamed or irritated, then it is called Tendinitis. Tendinitis caused by repeated movements. Some of these movements, among others, sweeping, menukang, shoveling, tennis, or golf. Tendinitis usually occurs at the base of the thumb, elbow, bahi, or the knee, where the organ is the most dominant in the motion.

Tendinitis Symptoms can be known if the patient experienced pain in the area around the tendon. In addition to these symptoms, patients also difficult to move the shoulder.

Treatment can be done include avoiding activities that aggravate the problem, rest, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
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Mixed anxiety disorders and depression

These disorders include patients who have symptoms of anxiety and depression, but did not meet the diagnostic for an anxiety disorder or a mood disorder. The combination of depression and anxiety symptoms cause significant functional disturbances of the affected people.

There is a link between anxiety and depression. According to medical science, relevance is evidenced by 1) the existence of the same neuroendocrine both disorders in people with depression or anxiety, 2) hipeaktivitas because selevan noradrenergic system caused in some patients with depression and in some patients with panic disorder, 3) the drug is useful serogernik in menobati depression and anxiety disorders, 4) symptoms of anxiety and depression are genetically related to some families.
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4 Step Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite looks like an orange skin that is generally found in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Cellulite Solutions in the book, its author Helen Foster says that diet is one solution to 'fight' cellulite. That means, by adjusting the diet, you can fight excess fluid, fat, and free radicals. If the cancer can be prevented only by observing the intake of food (the research shows about 40% of cancer can be prevented by adjusting the diet), then why cellulite is not? Follow these steps and note the change in appearance on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Step 1
REDUCE weight

The first step you need to do, of course, to gurangi excess body weight. Doctor Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. the SEAMEO-TROPMED FKUI first suggested - first to calculate the ideal weight according to the formula Body Mass Index (BMI), the 'weight' (BB) in kg divided 'height' in square meters. For example, your body weight 48 kg, height 160 cm. Thus, BMI = 48: (1.6) 2 = 48: 2.56 = 18.75. Then, match the table below.

Lack of weight <18.5
Normal 18.5 -22.9
Overweight 23 to 24.9
1 Obesity levels from 25 to 29.9
Obesity level 2> = 30
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People rarely Drinking Alcohol Even More Depression

Norway, Who says free of alcohol can make a person more healthy and happy? The proof, researchers from Norway to find those who rarely consume alcohol even more depressed.

The fact the opposite was found by the penelti from the University of Bergen, Norway. As quoted in Time, Thursday (8/10/2009), they say that people who had never consumed alcohol at risk of depression and anxiety being greater than those who used alcohol regularly mengonsumi.

In the Journal of Addiction, is mentioned as many as 38,000 people in Norway following the study. The study, led by Jens Christoffer Skogen was doing a survey to determine the intensity of alcohol consumption of participants in recent weeks. The researchers also asked a few things that can indicate whether a person is depressed or not.
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Yoga Can Help People with hyperthyroidism

Movement Ustrasana (dok.Yogamary)
Jakarta, the latest news for fans of yoga. In addition to calming the mind, eliminate stress and increase concentration of yoga now also be used as a treatment for hyperthyroid disease (the production of excessive thyroid hormone).

Actually, yoga can be used to stimulate the thyroid gland, pineal, pituitary and adrenal glands. The benefit is by doing yoga can help loosen and stretch the muscles in the neck and strengthens the nervous system.

Thyroid gland itself is responsible for weight and youthful appearance of a person. Yoga is done for patients with hyperthyroidism useful in stimulating the thyroid gland to function efficiently as possible. One of the movements in yoga can help people with hyperthyroidism is' Ustrasana "or collectively, the camel position, as quoted from Howtogetridofstuff, Saturday (10/10/2009).

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Weight Loss Secrets of Success Drastic Down

Confused determine the pace of the most effective diet to lose weight? Perhaps steps undertaken Tracie Creasy, a woman from Virginia who managed to lose weight 57 pounds in just 2 years can be an example.

Tracie Creasy (30 years) came out of his weight problems that interfere when he is not fit and wear jeans. From there he was thinking, what if her weight continued to increase and no longer fit the clothes on his body?

Finally in August 2006, he intended to carry out a mission to lose weight. Every day, the one thing that always comes to mind Tracie is how to lose weight. Tracie decided to do an all-out diet, but naturally.

Tracie originally chose to run a 3-step mission, namely to reduce food portions, reducing the fast food and soda. But he was not satisfied with the results of these diets. Finally Tracie also add another step followed by water aerobics, walking, cycling continued to reduce food portions and soda.

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Brain Gymnastics Children Overcome Trauma Victims

Gymnastics brain or brain gym that is known for can only help improve the intelligence of a child's brain, it can also help overcome the child traumatized by natural disasters.

Natural disasters like the tsunami happens or earthquake, could cause a deep trauma for the children. Trauma can be caused by the terrible experience of going through or lose their parents and where he lived.

"Exercise can help brain trauma by doing relaxation, stress or fear out there in the child and increasing the confidence and spirit of children," said Tri Gunadi OT, S. Psi in talk show The Brain Gym Movement For Children's Intelligence STIKOM LSPR, Jakarta, Saturday (3/10/2009).

Tri Gunadi added prior to the brain gym, trainer to find out in advance the level of child trauma. Does trauma mild, moderate or severe. After that the movement can be determined what should be done to help children separated from a sense of trauma.

"We've done this at the time of the tsunami disaster in Aceh, with the assistance of the medical team, therapists, psychologists and trainers brain gymnastics. We do it every day for 2 weeks and the results obtained is very good," said visiting professor of clinical child professions Faculty of Psychology UI .

The time needed to deal with depending on how high the level of trauma experienced by the child. Usually the movement needed by disaster victims are children gymnastic movements that can improve self-motivation or enthusiasm.

Movement such as Thinking Cap (ears) that functions to deliver a sense of comfort to the center of the ear. The movement to make children become able to sit quietly and concentrate on the stable center of balance. Balance and movement Button (balanced key) that activates brain function and focus, make decisions, concentrate and associative thinking.

"To help young victims of natural disasters, we usually come when the child's condition was good in the sense of injury or injuries are treated by a doctor," said a member of the UI psycholocigal this crisis.
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Solution for Child Obesity

Obesity is happening to children today has become a scourge to society. It is estimated that by 2020, children were obese at age 7 years to 15 years reached 65 percent. Do not allow children to excess weight quickly find a solution.

Not that children eat less direct, ask for more movement and physical activity becomes more effective than just cutting his food ration. Do not despair handle child obesity because it for the future of health.

Many things that also affect a child grow up to be obese. The factors that influence it is a mistake in choosing food for children's consumption because it contains high trans fats, lack of physical activity, parents who have excess weight and the genetic factors that influence.

"Child obesity is said if you lose weight 40 percent higher than the ideal weight and overweight if their weight is higher than 20 percent of ideal body weight," said Dr. Angela C Ardhianie, in the Mom's Club Childhood Obesity, in Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia, Friday (2/10/2009).

Angela added if a child is born with weight above the average, the percentage of the obese is 45 percent or even well into adulthood obesity. Depending on how the handling since the age of the children.

"If less physical activity and eating are not controlled, such as only watch TV or play games only a child could be obese, even when birth weight is not excessive," said a doctor who practiced in the Healthy Choice Wellness Center.

In addition to physical activity, food very influential factor. Currently people tend to want things that are practical, so often eat fast food and instant. These foods usually contain trans fats (trans fat) is high and it can cause a person to experience obesity.

Trans fat causes obesity but can also bind minerals consumed by the child, so that obese children often have mineral deficiencies in the body.

"And for the body fat intake per day is only just 3 grams, while the fast food per serving contains 3 grams of fat," said the doctor graduated from Indonesian Christian University in 1998.

Obesity can cause problems for the child such as lower self-confidence, triggering diabetes, liver problems, respiratory disorders and sleep disorders and may have cholesterol and high blood pressure. While the social problems arising is to lower self-esteem, so ridicule, can trigger depression and anorexia and bulimia problem.

Angela provides solutions that can be done to deal with children who are obese, namely:

1. Adjust your child's diet with the recommended food pyramid.
2. Make sure children eat breakfast with correct and try each containing fruit and breakfast would be great if juiced.
3. Vary the types of food.
4. Familiarize children eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
5. Avoid fried foods, better baked or boiled foods.
6. Limit the use of sugar.
7. Consider serving snacks to children, if you can replace a child with fruit snacks.
8. Familiarize children to exercise or can also diligently walking.
9. Careful in reading food labels, because many producers of food fat-free writing and writing with the other terms that are not understood by common people.
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