Preventing and Overcoming Allergy Traditional Way

In everyday life we often hear, or even may have experienced the emergence of the spots or gatalserta skin bentolan spread over the surface of the body, while setelahmengkonsumsi a type of food. Complaints or itumerupakan picture as one of the many manifestations of allergic diseases yangsering encountered.

Our body has a series of amazing defense mechanism.
This mechanism is made to maintain our health. One such mechanism is known as the immune system / immune. In short the work of the immune system such that when a foreign substance such as bacteria or viruses enter our bodies, to identify tissue specific proteins of foreign substances that attack and make an antidote (substance bidders) which will only eradicate this particular protein. Purification chemicals for defense produced by our body called antibodies. As for foreign proteins would be attacked and dilumpuhkannya called antigens.

Defense system is smart and successful. Its weakness is the body must meet two foreign proteins (antigens) before the system can generate the defense against (antibody). In other words, we should be attacked first before we can fight. For example, if exposed to measles virus body will not be so problematic, but the problem will be complicated / serious if the body is faced with serious diseases such as smallpox or diphtheria. Basically, they are safe from such dangerous infection because of immune system / defense of their work quickly and started to produce antibodies in a short time. Thus, when the body's reaction more slowly, they are infected would be less fortunate.

Dust, pollen, mold, food and materials that are inherently dangerous can act as an antigen in certain people.
These materials enter the body through the lungs or gastrointestinal tract and then breaks into the network, where they stimulate the formation of antibodies. As a result of the meeting of antigens and antibodies that damage the tissue in question and cause symptoms / complaints allergies.

Not all people who attacked allergic complaints if the amount of antigen is less than the threshold dose. Unless this measure exceeded, then the body will reveal / allergy symptoms. This antigen may be a number of pollen brought enough wind to make a cold allergy, so eating a few servings of food for several days in a row before symptoms develop. The patient may not recover in a way to avoid a material when there are several factors allergies. If someone is allergic to some ingredients at once, whereas only one type of abstinence, and still others eat, of course not be cured.
Everyone can recognize an allergic reaction to food when suddenly
rapid and severe because the patient experienced a serious rash every time consuming material. But, if the allergy caused by the daily food or occur several times a week, the body becomes accustomed to the food suffered and the reaction becomes vague.
Actually, for years or decades of illness seemed to disappear, perhaps only occasional relapse when the accident took antigen or the presence of too many trigger factors such as stress which indirectly reduce the resilience of the body. Because the symptoms are rare reactions, then the patient is difficult to know the cause.
Because the immune system the less, the body no longer
can overcome the disease process and symptoms of the disease arises.
Form of the disease arising out of one person with another person
is not the same, depending on which part of the body is attacked more severe.

Allergic reaction course, a manifestation of a person is
overall. Symptoms will depend on the function of these organs
can be stimulated or depressed. An allergy that attacks the eyes will
cause red eyes and itchy; if attacked would be a cold nose or
sneezing; when attacking the lungs to cause asthma or
cough; if attacked digestive tract causing abdominal pain,
bloating, diarrhea or vomiting; attacking the joints can
causing pain and stiffness; if attacked by the head can cause
headache, if the attack caused skin eczema,
bentol-bentol/gatal-gatal, and so on.
Allergies can occur at all ages both in those who have
talent allergic or not / nonalergik. In children the most often
found that asthma bronkiale. While the most common allergens
attacked the children of pollen, house dust, animal hair, saliva
animals, and foods.

Tips to prevent and avoid the allergens:

Keep always a healthy body and environment.

Move the nest dust like knick-knacks, books, wall hangings, and

If you are allergic to animal fur, do not let the furry animals
into the room.

Avoiding use of fabrics made from wool or fur material.

Avoid plants that cause or tank mold spores in the air.

Use electric air cleaners to clean dust, mold or
pollen from the air.

Replace carpets or heavy curtains to capture and store the dust
with washable curtains and rugs from cotton.

If you are allergic to certain foods, avoid foods
penyebab alergen tersebut.

Traditional ways that can be used to treat allergies are:

15 grams of ginger + 30 cc of white rice vinegar / rice venegar + brown sugar
sufficiently boiled with 400 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, water
filtered, drunk. Apply once a day regularly.

If an allergy attack that caused a cold nose or
sneezing can use the following traditional ways:

7 leaves continued life + 30 grams of fresh sambiloto boiled with 500
cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.

Aloe vera leaves enough peeled and juiced. Squirt juice
Aloe vera into the nose as much as 3 drops with a pipette.

Whereas if the allergy attack, causing skin rashes
or eczema can be used:

sambiloto fresh turmeric, fresh taste + taste + sulfur
sufficiently blended until smooth, then spread on the skin
affected by allergies.

china ketepeng fresh leaves blended to taste and spread on
part of the affected skin allergy.

If an allergy attack the lungs that can cause asthma

Flower knob 10 + 10 to 15 grams of ginger boiled with 500 cc of water
until the remaining 250 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.

Centella asiatica leaves 30 grams + 10 grams of garlic boiled with 500 cc of water
until the remaining 250 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.
Note: You can use one of the traditional way on top and
do regularly 2 times a day, in doing boiling
we recommend using enamel pan or pot soil.

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