Hepatitis C Strike Public EmployeesMan

Surveys by the Department of Health of Indonesia said that more private sector employees disease hepatitis C rather than civil servants. The disease is fatal liver infection and symptoms are not even that much more experienced men than women.

This was stated by Dr. Andi Muhaidin, Sepimkesma Director of Disease Control and Environmental Health (PP & PL) in the Seminar Problems in Indonesia Hepatitis C held at the Hotel Gran Melia, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/9/2009). On that occasion also conducted the handover data collection program of the National Hepatitis C PT Roche Indonesia to the Ministry of Health Indonesia.

"I do not know why it happened, but the results of our survey in the field based on professional categories show like that," said Andi. Responding to data released by the Ministry of Health, Chief Researcher Heart Association Indonesia (PPHI), Dr. Superior Budihusodo, SpPD-KGEH can not yet fully explain these facts.

"That's discoveries in the field, I also do not know why because there are no studies that explain it. But private sector employees who are infected also depends on profession. Professions such as doctors, nurses, medical workers and those who are often associated with blood transfusion are most at risk of infection viral hepatitis C. They are all his most private sector employees, so a higher prevalence than public servants, "explained Superior.

Number of private sector employees more than any civil servant may be able to explain the facts in the field. "But definitely, the prevalence of hepatitis C was high into the population we are at risk," said Superior.

Other risks that should be aware of the male group. According to MOH data, the risk of hepatitis C in men was 83 percent, while women only about 17 percent.

"Up until now could not explain why, but probably because men are relatively more 'active' or 'pocket' anywhere. But it is clear that the risk of contracting the higher man. She was lucky to get a little but a lot is better. If a man , many of which hit hard but its recovery. So that was lucky woman, "said Superior.

Hepatitis C is one type of viral infection of the liver resulting in inflammation and liver damage if it is severe and can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis (hardening) the liver, liver cancer and death.

Usually the disease around age 20 to 30 years. But because this disease does not address the physical symptoms, so most people do not realize he hit Hepatitis C. Suddenly, after the doctor had checked into a chronic condition, acute and even cirrhosis. If it's so life expectancy is usually less than 1 year.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 170 million people infected with hepatitis C virus (VHC). Compared to European countries, Africa and America, countries in Southeast Asia are infected more is about 32.3 percent of the total world population.

In Indonesia alone there are an estimated 7 million people who suffer from this virus, but until now there has been no vaccine that can prevent virus transmission because of the nature mutate very easily.

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