Chest Pain, No Pain Only Heart

When the chest pain, many people immediately think about
heart attack. These complaints are often marked symptoms of illness
heart. It turned out that many types of diseases that one indication
is chest pain, including lung cancer, breast cancer and
increase in stomach acid.

Not all chest pain comes from a disturbance in the jantung.Namun organs, chest pain is a typical symptom of the illness jantung.Menurut Dr. Hary Utomo, Sp. JP, chest pain due to abnormal jantungdiakibatkan imbalance between needs and supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Imbalance could be due to increased oxygen demand or
supply was too low, it could be a combination of both. In people with narrowing of the coronary arteries (blood vessels that supply the food), automatic blood stream is limited.

"If the patient requires an excess of oxygen consumption, such as when exercising or when facing stressful situations, such as anger, can be estimated onset of symptoms of angina or chest pain before," said a cardiologist and the blood vessels of the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta. These symptoms can get worse if accompanied by cramping, blood vessels, usually called spasm.

May end fatally
Sensation of chest pain due to coronary heart disease can vary. Usually a heavy feeling downtrodden, feeling gripped, sick or nauseated, burning heat, or a sense of choking in the throat.

Body parts that had complaints that could be in the middle of the chest, solar plexus, and between the shoulder blades, with spread to the left arm, neck and jaw. These symptoms occur when the patient initially doing strenuous physical.

Complaints will usually disappear after the patient rested. However, if the blood vessel disease is allowed to grow, the complaint will also appear at the break.

Increases the weight makes the disease chest pain lasted longer and could be accompanied by cold sweat, anxiety, cold hands and feet, seizures and even the consciousness decreased. If you do not immediately get medical help, this case can end up fatal.

The death rate for cardiogenic shock was more than 95 percent.
If patients helped, often have symptoms rest of the form
neurological disorders or kidney failure.

More Early Tests
At the hospital, chest pain patients will undergo a physical examination, laboratory and x-ray. If necessary also conducted
electrocardiography and echocardiography. Having obtained the certainty
stenosis of coronary angiography will be performed.

As early detection efforts, Dr. Hary suggested that those who
35-year-old began the practice test test (treadmill) every year. If you have high risk factors such as smoking, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia (abnormal blood lipid profile), high blood pressure, family history, should conduct the test at younger ages.

Can also choose a combination of examination and echocardiography tests practice test called stress echocardiography. This method can visualize the heart wall segments that allegedly impaired oxygen supply.

A new examination is classified as Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA). To know the heart of the area where the disturbed blood supply can be done with a radio isotope examination Thalium or Technicium. Katerisasi invasive techniques such as sensitivity is almost 100 percent, but should be done only when a more positive indication of having CHD.

The main complaint
Chest pain is also closely associated with lung disease and the channel
breathing. For example, pulmonary TB (tuberculosis), bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, lung fungus, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), lung disease work, and lung cancer. Chest pain, coughing, and shortness of breath merupakam main complaint of chronic respiratory disease and lung cancer is.

Pimples, boils and bruises on the chest can also cause chest pain. "Herpes zoster cause chest pain are very sick, though not yet occurred in the skin disorders," Dr. Alexander K. S. Ginting, doctors from the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital.

Stimulation or pressure in the parietal pleura (lining of the chest cavity also cause chest pain. Irritation of the bronchi due to smoke inhalation, dust, and chemicals are also often lead to complaints of chest pain such as burning.

Cigarettes provide an enormous contribution to the occurrence of disease
Chronic respiratory and lung cancer. It is known that in cigarette smoke are 63 components that are carcinogenic or cancer causing substances.

Chest pain was also a typical symptom of an increase in stomach acid and other stomach acid into tonggorokan. According to Dr. H. Syafruddin A.R. Lelosutan, Sp.PD., from the
SubGastroenterologi-hepatologist, Department of Internal Medicine, Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta. Interference was called reflux disease
gastroesofageal (PRGE).

Patients with chest pain due to PRGE actually quite a lot. However, many people are more likely to think of the disorders of the heart and lungs, when experiencing chest pain.

A study in Orlando, United States, in 1995 found that PRGE occurred in 40 percent of the adult population. The incident was elevated in the age group over 40 years and is more common in men.

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