Understand signs of heart attack

Coronary heart disease or heart attack is a pain that most lead to sudden death. Bergidik heart attack because I have done that in a matter of seconds only. Come on, understand the signs heart attack?

Heart disease itself consists of various, such as coronary heart disease (heart attack), heart disease hypertension, heart disease anemia, heart disease tiroid and congenital heart disease.

Heart attack itself is caused by atherosclerosis of the blood vessel stiffening due to a scaling attached. Scaling is the longer the slump that could clog the channel so that the coronary blood vessel causing people to become quickly tired or breathless.

"Scaling is a heap of time later to cover the channel and broken blood vessel that is called with a heart attack. Heart attacks that result in sudden death because the crust is usually cover the entire blood vessel," said Dr. Sally Aman Nasution, SpPD in a press meet at the RSCM, Jakarta, Rabu (5/8/2009).

Dr. Sally said there are some things that show signs of heart attack, namely:

1. Pain in the chest, pain that felt like diperas or are a heavy object. This pain occurs in the middle of the chest bone pain that can creep to the left arm, vertebrae, mandible, or also to Ulu heart. Usually cause shortness of breath and going for 10-15 minutes.
2. Removing the excessive perspiration.
3. Nausea and vomiting.
4. Triggers lainnyanya sports such as overcharging, who spent a lot of angry emotions or other activities that do not usually excessive.

If the signs are immediately given help by bringing the patient to the hospital so quickly by, as if the heart attack that occurred the patient can still be light cured.

For that everyone should recognize the risk factors in the individual self or family. Own risk factors were divided into two, namely:

1. Factors that can not be modified, such as age, sex men are usually more often, there is a family history and heart of menopause because estrogen hormone is not able to protect more.
2. Factors that can be modified, such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol (high cholesterol increasingly thick crust), smoking, poor lifestyle, personality and Obesity (often stress, fear or emotional).

"Some of the things that cause a heart attack is heavy or light depending on how the vessel stopped, the basic condition of the heart if there is difference or not, and extent of attacks," said Dr. Sally Kardiologi Division of the Department of Diseases In FKUI-RSCM.

Death due to heart attack can reach 10 percent of the average delay caused by a leg-up, the weight of attacks that occur, and financial problems.

For that kenalilah whether the person nearest to you or around you have heart disease risk factors and signs. Check out health checks such as cholesterol, blood sugar checks and other regularly at least once a year.

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