Tips To keep up emotions Stay Healthy

Once you feel emotionally up and down like Roller Coaster? Life can really make your emotions change. If you can not overcome the emotions that you will be the victim of your own emotions. Atasilah emotions appropriately.

These positive and negative things that come silih turn in life. Sometimes we are too selfish because you want to walk all the positive things, or do not we wait patiently when it came positive after long trapped in the negative.

If you feel you are emotionally stable at this time, try the 5 strategies to control emotional following, as quoted from the Health, Friday (31/7/2009).

1. Leave Out
Removing the emotions sometimes must be done. 'Membotolkan' feeling sad or angry can deplete energy and disrupt your mind.

Keeps emotions that can not damage the good self and relationships with lovers, friends or family. Let others know when something with your mind.

If you include those that are difficult to express feelings through words, try menuangkannya in a diary. That way, you will feel relieved because the space in your heart is not with the emotional disesaki the wedge.

2. To calculate Ten
Emotional strength is very large and can appear anytime and anywhere. In the workplace, shopping centers, when with friends or have dinner together when lovers.

When you're feeling in a situation of emotional shock, try to count ten before you say something.

This allows you to be more calm, the situation and think about the positive and negative effects that will occur if you react or comment further.

3. In Tasks for Small portion
Sometimes emotions come as a burden or a task you do is too heavy. If this is pemicunya, try to share it in small portions.

Eliminate thoughts that you have a batch job that you may not finish quickly. Make 'segunung' work into the 'mountains' small, and try to make a target for every' mountain 'that.

Request the help of someone also does not have one. Do not want to just because it is considered independent and hardworking, you rock the bones alone. If your ability is limited, share the weakness is effective way to prevent depression.

4. Speak Up On Self
Emotions can not be to guess, one minute you feel OK, then you suddenly lethargic and not flushed. Some things may not run as what to expect, you also feel as if the world dark.

Before entering too far in the darkness, speak in the self. Ask what you can learn from the situation and how you can make it a challenge for the more advanced to the front.

5. Fill the Basic Needs
Do you sometimes feel not just emotional? They suddenly came so only when you are busy-busy, or hold a responsibility. But that is the emotions, can not be suspected arrival.

Therefore, make sure you meet the basic needs first, such as mengonsumsi nutritious food, drink a lot of white water, sleep and rest enough and do not forget exercise.

If you already meet the basic needs that, you can also feel more calm and not easily brought the body of emotions because we are one unity between physical and emotional. If the physical needs met, emotions can overcome.

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