Risk Traveling During Pregnancy

When many pregnant women to limit the travel, for fear of something happening with the pregnancy. Not only that, when the age of the womb, the women also may not travel with the aircraft.

A trip can be using the aircraft, motorcycle, car or ship. And each vehicle has a risk-risk that can be experienced by women who are pregnant.

Travel with the aircraft

Travel with the aircraft, including safe if done at the age of first pregnancy and second trimester, provided there is no complications with the pregnancy. Second trimester is likely the best time to travel, because women are not subject to the presence of morning sickness, and will not suffer with the uncomfortable feeling while entering the third trimester, as quoted from health24, Friday (7/8/2009).

Travel with the use of small aircraft will not be safe compared with the use of aircraft. Some airlines have also prohibited the women who are pregnant to travel using aircraft, for fear of possible birth prematurely.

Each airline has rules apart. There can travel up to the age of the womb 34 weeks to domestic travel and 32 days for international travel, but there are also airlines that require penumpamg women who are pregnant have a medical certificate when the actual age of 28-35 days, for domestic and international travel.

Before traveling, it is examined abortion and maternal health and consult a physician if there are complications, the womb with abortion or not.

Travel with car

Travel pregnant with long time use, including safe car. But it needs to remember that pregnancy is not a reason for not wearing seat belt. Seat belt it is important to avoid the mother and the baby's collision with the dashboard, but also safe airbags should rewind a bit far from the seat dashboard.

Sit down for a long time can make the legs and feet become swollen and women make foot cramps. So, if the travel distance by car should take the often-often merengangkan muscles to rest and walk briefly.

When using the aircraft, gerakkanlah-body movement to do peregangan muscle, can be with the foot for the calf muscles tense, eyes swivel foot clockwise or opposite swing heel and foot.

Trombosis or a blood clot risk is the most frequently found while traveling. Stocking use will help improve circulation and prevent muscle akan bulge.

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