Quick detection of HIV Risk

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a retrovirus that menginfeksi cell human immune system and destroy or damage the function. HIV now can be detected quickly.

HIV infection causes a reduction of fast body's immune system that cause immune deficiency. HIV is the primary cause of AIDS. Glossary of HIV has been used since 1986 as a name for the retrovirus that was first proposed as cause of AIDS by Luc Montagnier of France.

Two species of HIV menginfeksi man is HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is a more virulent and more easily spread, and is the source of most HIV infections worldwide. While most HIV-2 is still imprisoned in West Africa. Both species started in the west and central Africa, from the Primate jump to humans in a process known as zoonosis.

HIV spread through intercourse and oral sex, or through the anus, blood transfusion, the use of shared needles through injection drug terkontaminasi and in health care, and between mother and baby during pregnancy, birth and the period of breastfeeding. The use of physical masks is recommended as latex condoms to reduce HIV transmission through sex.

PT Indofarma work with SD (Standard Diagnostics Inc.) to market the product Rapid Test (Quick Test) SD Bio Line HIV 1 / 2 3.0 to detect quickly whether someone infected with both HIV type 1 or 2. This product has been evaluated by the world health body (WHO) so that the quality of this product can be.

SD Rapid Test can be used to detect HIV in a very fast because it only takes less than 20 minutes. Use of this tool is very simple and almost similar to the way the use of pregnancy tests in general.

SD BIOLINE HIV-1 / 2 3.0 test is a test to detect the immunocromatrographic qualitative and differentiate all types iso antibody (IgG, IgM, Iga) specifically for HIV-1 including group O and HIV-2, in serum, plasma or blood.

How to read the results (interpretation) rapid test is almost the same as the means of how to read a pregnancy test. If the column marked C (Control) and the fields marked with number 1 show a red line then can be expressed positive HIV type 1. Meanwhile, if it appears in line 2 can be expressed as the number of HIV-positive type 2. But if only one line only on colom C (Control) only then can the patient is declared HIV negative. Note, if colom in C does not exit the line is declared invalid test results.

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