Is Coffee Making Heart attack?

Passing famous artists Surip leader suspected because too much drink coffee. Drink coffee since it has long suspected to be triggered because the heart rudiment kafeinnya womb. But can coffee be the only factors of a heart attack?

Coffee contains caffeine than tea or drink soda. Measure caffeine in a cup of coffee to reach while tea 80-125 mg 9-40 mg, and a can of drink bersoda only 20-50 mg.

"Coffee does not always cause a heart attack but coffee can make the heart beat faster," said dr Kartono Mohammad when contacted detikhealth, Tuesday (4/8/2009). Coffee according to him, does not always cause a heart attack. Because the heart attack is different in each type. It's because of the difference throbbing, menyempitnya coronary vessel and high blood pressure.

"Coffee may be a cause of heart disease if the disease is caused deviation throbbing heart," said dr Kartono.

As quoted from the Web, coffee for some people if the situation does not fit the body can trigger heart attacks within 1 hour. This research is done from the side efidemiology.

Even for those particular risk heart attack increased fourfold when mengopi do while smoking.

"People with heart attack risk is higher should consider to stop all drinking of coffee," says researcher Ana Baylin of Brown University School of Medicine as dilansir of

Caffeine in the short-term increase in blood pressure and fidget and make the heart rate can trigger unstable.

There has been no previous research showed that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer.

But in a study recently, is mentioned, people who consume two or three cups a day have a risk of heart attack 60% of drinking a cup of coffee.

Recently also reported that people who have a genetic variation associated with slow metabolism of caffeine have increased risk of nonfatal heart attack when they consume coffee.

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