10 Health Test Before Married

Many candidates ignore the health tests prior to marriage with a variety of reasons. But it should not pass this stage it is important to avoid problems in the future. Have at least 10 health important tests that must be done before marriage.

Almost all people who marry will certainly have the goal to have children or offspring. However, many do not realize that to be able to have children, many factors that influence, not only of the only women but also may be caused by the men.

"To suggest that every pair both men and women examined reproductive health, especially health care, to know whether there is a problem in organ reproduksinya. So that if something happens later as the child has a difficult or have problems on abortion, couples do not blame each other one another, "said dr. Maria Sukmawaty HernĂ¡n when contacted detikHealth, Friday (7/8/2009).

Examination before the marriage for the women is:

1. Torch examination (including tokso and rubella)
2. Doing TT vaccine (for tetanus)
3. Check hormone (estrogen content, estradiol, tiroksin, FSH, LH), which will affect someone or not to fast and to pregnant egg cell maturation
4. Measure the degree narrow pelvis whether or not that will affect the birth process.
5. Examination of the womb.
6. Ovarium examination to determine cell eggs.
7. Check allergic or not sperm examination and overall health.

While for the men do:

1. Thorough medical examination
2. Examination to determine whether the disease has spread sexually or not.
3. Checking whether the sperm and the number of active spermanya many.

Unfortunately, the stages of the examination is often ignored. Many factors that cause the pair did not want to do the examination before marriage, among normal-life feel normal and not different. Can also afraid if something happens with the results so pairing is not married.

"Even thought there are people who still consider it taboo to do the examination and the expensive cost," said the doctor berpraktik on this.

Ideally this check is done one month before the marriage, because the result does not require a long time and if there is something can be done to improve care.

Although there are some Religious Affairs Office (KUA), which requires couples to do the examination before marriage, but the fact that many do not. This may be caused by thinking people who want to immediately complete the administrative affairs that so many make the system 'shoot'.

"However, for couples who want to perform the examination before marriage, should do so in the womb the doctor fertility specialist," he said.

For you who want to get married there is no one to do the first inspection because it can be mutually beneficial for both.

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