Tobacco smoke pollutant Generate More from Diesel Engines

LONDON - MIOL: Research conducted by the researchers in the UK stated that cigarette smoke produces 10 times more pollutant than many cars with a diesel plant.

A research in Tobacco Control magazine, published by the UK Health Journal, also shows that air pollution due to cigarette smoke in a closed space 15 times larger than in the open.

The experiment was performed in a garage in the city Chiavenna, northern Italy, a region that has a low pollutant content. Pollutant in the smoke is the most dangerous compound in air pollution, the gas can come from many different kinds of sources including cigarettes and pipes gas disposal. Pencemar substances that can cause various types of dangerous diseases, such as emfisema, wet lungs, asthma, and cancer.

The researchers chose a garage as the place of the experiment, because the size is similar to the office space in some places. They said that the research should get more attention because the results of an experiment that, in fact also shows the influence of cigarette smoke bad for passive smokers.

In the experiment, the diesel engine car brand Ford Mondeo with a two-liter of fuel switched on for 30 minutes in a garage with the garage door closed and six small vents left open.

They then compare the results with the trunks of three smoke cigarettes during the 30 minutes start on the garage with the same conditions the same.
A pollutant analysis tool used to measure the degree of pollutant in the experiment every two minutes.

The researchers also found that when the number of cigarettes switched pollutant particles 15 times higher than outside the room, while the amount of pollutant diesel engine when switched on only about two times larger than the outside situation.

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