Stay Healthy eyes in the Old Age

Eyes are the window to the world. Therefore, eye health should always be kept to stay to enjoy the beauty of the world. However, in line with the increasing age, the tool also join this vision to decrease.

Nah, that the healthy old age or in the golden age, can do in the treatment of eye, with healthy foods that contain a certain vitamin.

Why is the quality of human vision indra slowly decreasing? One of the causes is the enemy at a time bebuyutan natural lens, which is the sun.

Cells of the lens produces a protein called kristalin. This protein functions as a fiber optics, which filter the light through the lens to the retina.

Elements of red, blue, green, yellow, and ultraviolet (UV) can penetrate the lens is transparent. Of all the elements before, UV can damage the lens, while the blue rays that can potentially damage the retina of its duties as a membrane sensor pelapis eyes of the recipient and the images formation lensa.enerima image formation lens.

There is also a result of natural metabolic processes, ie, free radicals that can cause damage. If not dinetralisirkan by antioxidants, the oxidation is too long potentially harmful lipid, to be transparent from the previous diagram. Turbidity is usually called a cataract.

Antioxidants in food is a compound that helps cells and tissue dipertahankannya the lens and healthy organs other. In the lens, are a large amount of vitamin C and E, lutein, and also zeaxanthine. The damaged proteins accumulate, the more clouded lens.

Protective and nutrition that is rich in antioxidants bargains and practical solutions for preventing cataracts. Moreover, if compared with the cost of operating room entrance.

Women with the consumption of vitamin C and E, riboflavin, betacaroten, the highest lutein and zeaxanthine that have the smallest tendency of women suffering from cataracts pengkonsumsi nutrition rather low.

At the age above 55 years, because of macular degeneration is the age of the main causes of blindness and vision damage. This occurs because the damaged cells in the retina that is sensitive to light.

The focus is the yellow spot (yellow spot) selebar 3 mm, is called macular latea, located in the middle of the back of the eye, the eye can still create a focus, so that we can read or see an image.

However, in the eyes of 'old', the protein began to accumulate teroksidasi and cause problems. Fortunately in the eyes there are two types of karoten, namely lutein and zeaxanthine, which help protect the eyes in a way to absorb blue light and free radicals menetralisasi. People with macular degeneration have the dry zeaxanthine and lutein is lower rather than the normal, so that its function as protective antioxidants is not the maximum.

In line with the project AREDS (Agerelated Eye Disease Study) which was held for seven years, experts in the biochemistry nutrition research shows most do not already, that the risk of macular degeneration because age has been reduced in those who consume vitamin C, E, beta-karoten, and zinc for at least six years.

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