Shopping Increase Women's Mood

Women who have a problem or the depression that many try to entertain themselves with how to spend the time to shop. Mood women also directly increases when shopping.

A survey cited in the UK from health4, Saturday (11/7/2009) mentioned that some women who have financial problems and depression to become a spirit during the shopping activity.

Polling conducted on 700 women showed that 79% of them will go shopping to create a mood they grow. Some 40% of those classified as' depression 'and 60% are classified as' less offs' made the reasons for doing shopping.

The woman who is following the survey said that their shopping experience with the strength and spirit that make them feel better.

Shopping unwittingly give the positive effect for the mood. There is a sense in the search for the goods, and the feeling terpenuhinya needs after the goods have sought to create a secure feeling that effect on the inner satisfaction and increase the spirit alive.

Professor Karen Pine of the University of Hertfordshire as the head of the survey is also justify the above description. "Activities of consumption or shopping is a way to set the intensity of emotions," he said.

He explains that the ability to manage emotions is important for mental health and physical someone.

Each person has their way to set the emotopn, such as using drugs or alcohol, and shopping is a way that is generally done by women.

However, not all women feel happy after shopping. In the survey also found that 25% of respondents said that they feel guilty and remorseful after shopping. While 70% of the respondents about their financial situation after shopping.

Shopping can excite life and a way to stress, but not until too much. Be a 'Smart Shopper' who knows when and what you should buy to improve the spirit.