Secret Diet Success, easy Only

Most people who do know that the diet reduces calorie diet is the key of success. But they do not know how to apply these theories.

Not a secret anymore if people fail to diet in the middle of the road. As in Rudy Termini, a pensioner aged 65 years in the U.S., which fought tooth and nail down the body weight for 4 years.

"Three times a week I play tennis and go to the gym to do the diet, but the results have not appeared as well," said Termini's dilansir such as Forbes.

Termini is also interested in eventually participating in a clinical trial for two years at the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Two years experience in the exercise, the successful Termini reduce weight 23 pounds.

Dr. Donald Hensrud, a nutrition specialist from the Mayo Clinic said reducing calorie diet is the key to success. But it will not be successful if the theory is not practiced.

An investigator from the National Weight Control Registry, Suzzanne Phelan has been tracking the decline of body weight following the 6000 participants of the experiment. He also let the secret strategies of successful diet.

One effective technique is to monitor more closely the amount of calories and more weight. This requires a note-calorie foods and high commitment to the diet.

With the fixed weight and mencocokkannya consistent with the ideal body weight diimpikan, someone can adjust what should and should not be dimakannya.

"In fact, everything is very simple, and I have membuktikannya. Changing plus meat sandwich with white bread, ice cream to enjoy in small portions and a glass of beer in the evening, is a habit that I try to apply first," said Termini.

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