Rice Gold Source Vitamin A

Rice is known gold-rich karoten that contain beta will be changed to vitamin A in the human body. Golden rice is used to increase the effective lack of vitamins in the community such as the poor.

Such research in the Baylor University Department of Pharmaceutical and Tufts, in his article that appears in the latest issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Golden rice was developed in the early 1990s with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which aims to create rice that has a beta caroten womb, a precursor vitamin A in rice grains. Latest data show that the Golden Rice contains 35 mikrogram beta karoten in each gram.

"We found that the four units of beta karoten in Golden Rice will be converted into one unit vitamin A in the human body," said Dr. Michael Grusak, Professor of pediatrics association Nutrition Research Center at the USDA Children / Ars at Texas Children's Hospital and BCM as medicalnewstoday, Sabtu (25/7/2009).

This is known after testing with the feed five healthy adults over a number of specific product labeled Golden Rice. In the test are then measured the amount of retinol, a form of vitamin A in blood.

Lack of vitamin is common in some parts of the world where poor communities depend on rice as their staple food source. People who lack vitamin may be experiencing vision problems can even cause blindness.

"By entering into vitamin A staple food consumed by the public, we can make it more accessible by the general public in the region," said Grusak.

Further research is still needed before Golden Rice is available in a commercial. The next step of the research is to include technology in the rice grains were found in various regions and continue to test the conversion rate to men.

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