Red Wine Women's and Sexual desire

Food or beverages may be factors that trigger sexual desire someone. This red wine is used as the drink of passion sexual woman. Really?

Studies recently said that in Italy women with sexual desire mengonsumsi red wine higher than those mengonsumsi other types of beverage alcohol.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers from the Italian University of Florence said that the survey carried out on 800 women aged between 18 and 50 years.

Studying the dilansir Yourtango, Wednesday (29/7/2009) said that the women are grouped in three groups of drunkard, the red wine drinker, the type of alcohol and those who do not drink them.

The woman then requested to fill out a questionnaire to measure their sexual personality. According to the Female Sexual Function Index, the question consists of 19 questions and generate a score between 2 and 36.

The higher the score, the higher the sexual desire someone. Based on these surveys, women who drink one or two glass of red wine each day has a score of 27.3 while those who drink alcohol mengonsumsi only 25.9.

This result indicates a close relationship between consumption of red wine and women's sexual desire. But the question is so, whether women with high sexual appetite is to drink wine or red wine merahlah create the actual sex that increase appetite?

Experts are still examining this. However, the researchers said that this research can not be considered trivial just because there is no explanation

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