Proper shoes, Footwashing Healthy

Shoes are important accessories that you can do to support us and make us more confident. Shoes are required in almost every activity, such as work, sports, traveling, or while relaxing.

But many people who only look to the foot regardless of health. Want to know how to choose the right shoe for you? This tips:

1. Choose shoes with good material.
2. Sol shoes must be strong and flexible on the whole surface of the shoe.
3. High heels (high-heeled shoes) should not be too long, because it can make a back ache.
4. Choose comfortable shoes that are used during running.
5. Should buy shoes in the afternoon, because the feet will swell at the time.
6. Choose shoes that more than the width of your front foot.
7. Place your toes to be quite knowledgeable, so you can wiggle your feet

As dilansir from footcare.ygoy, there are some people who use orthopedic shoes. Some people who need orthopedic shoes is if you have a very wide foot, swelling thumb. But if you have a disease foot of the chronicles, should consult with your doctor first before buying shoes.

If you want to buy running shoes (shoes for running), there are some things that must be observed that, see how your foot shape. If you are an off-road runner, consider trail running shoes to keep the balance in the region that are not evenly distributed. If you want to use it on long distance need
shoes that can provide additional support and last longer.

If you penggemar high heels (high-heeled shoes), make sure select the size of the right high heels, standing at the time of purchase and try to run. If when you try on shoes then your swing is a sign that high heels do not fit. Choose the appropriate high heels with the place you visit.

Following types of shoes that are suitable for some types of feet:
1. Normal Foot, this is a normal size and will leave a wet footprint that has a wave, between the heel and connected to the front of the finger width. Shoes good for feet this is the type of stability shoes with moderate control features.
2. High-Arched Foot-, leaving the impression this is rarely the foot with narrow or no boundary between the front of the finger with the heel. Best type of shoes are comfortable (or 'neutral') feet for this type of shoe with a lot of flexibility to encourage foot motion.
3. Flat Foot, has low litter and leave a trail as the whole foot. Usually indicates overpronated feet. Over time, this can cause various types of overuse injuries. Best shoes for this foot type is a shoe with motion control, or high stability shoes.

So, wise in choosing shoes, so you feel comfortable in using it and does not cause foot pain after using it.

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