Principles for the Handling of Victims Triase Bom

Events bombardment is not very commendable that more and more befall Indonesia. Health practitioners generally deal with the principles of bomb victims triase.

Jakarta,Bomb attacks in the Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. Also convey the international condolence to victims and victim's family.

Expression of condolence was also the European Union condemns the attacks that as "brutal action".

In New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key deplores attack. "What can I say this is a deliberate attack designed to kill and harm people not guilty," he said as news agency AFP, Friday (17/7/2009).

Triase principle is memilah-milah accident victims based on the level kegawatannya can be chosen so that the victims can directly fed in the field and where the victim must be taken to the hospital.

"In principle, the victim due to bombardment of the same penanggulangannya other mass casualty, but the principle triase needed in the handling of victims in the field," said dr Kartono Mohammad when contacted detikHealth friday (17/7/2009).

It also required coordination between the ambulance with the hospital, so that officers can directly know the victim must be taken to hospital where.

"On the principle victims of this triase marked with a flag of different colors depending on the gravity of the injury suffered, so that health workers can identify where the victim must be quickly brought to the sick and what does not, so the handling can be more efficient and effective, 'he added .

Triase this principle also applies in the emergency room, to determine whether the patient has to be brought to the operating room, ICU or in the handling of UGD only.

"Indonesia has experienced events that often result in victims of mass, so we should have a special team that can apply this principle triase in the field. But I do not know if we have a special team like this or not," said former Chairman of the IDI is PB.

Kartono add that to form this team needed special training, even in the medical world has learned about this principle triase.

Kartono reveal almost all the hospitals in India have to meet standards or have tools that are required in bulk penganangan victims like this.

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