Osteoporosis Medication Not Effective for Menopause Women

Women who enter menopause period (stop menstruation) comsume many osteoporosis drugs to keep tulangnya density. But in fact take the medicine osteoporosis during menopause do not provide effective results.

Researchers from the bone Juliet Compston of Cambridge University to monitor bone mineral density of women who have undergone menopause does not change much even though they have osteoporosis drugs comsume (bisfosfonat).

Osteoporosis is most experienced elderly women caused tulangnya of the density is reduced because the decreasing estrogen level after menopause. Bone mineral density is low is an important risk factor for bone pengeroposan.

As dilansir Medicalnewstoday, Sabtu (18/7/2009), the guide so that the osteoporosis drug mengonsumsi regularly to maintain bone mineral density has been making a lot of people spend the money when the result is not significant.

Researchers based in Australia and the United States assessing the need to monitor the use of osteoporosis drugs is to find out barapa large alendronat effects of drugs (which is used to bisfosfat) in different individuals.

The researchers analyzed the data from the intervention Fracture Trial (FIT), which was later compared with the effects of alendronat with placebo in more than 6000 women who have menopause with bone mineral density is low. Dipaha bone density and spine was measured at the beginning, and then repeated in the first, second and third.

After 3 years therapy, almost all (97.5%) women treated with alendronat showed increased bone mineral density is small. In addition, the effect of this treatment does not provide a substantial inter-individual.

Monitor bone mineral density in women with menopause is the first year after starting treatment with bisfosfat is not too important and potentially error occurred.

"These cases reinforce the monitoring of bone mineral density during treatment a few years," says Compston.

The best way to maintain bone mineral density is to exercise regularly and maintain a pattern of eating, and consume foods that naturally contain calcium. Do not just rely on medication for osteoporosis results not effective.

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