Leukemia and Retinoblastoma in Children

Cancer can attack anyone, whether adults or children. To date, the cancer is still the specter of disease is frightening. Leukemia and retinoblastoma is cancer that occurs most often in children.

Approximately 30-40 percent of children suffering from blood cancer (leukemia), while 20-30 percent of children suffering from retinoblastoma (eye cancer in the retina).

"In the year 2008 there were 16 cases of leukemia and 7 cases of retinoblastoma in Dharmais, average children are being taken to hospital after step 4 stadium," said dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA, in the MHA program 'Dialogue With Cancer Education Kader energizer Child in Society' in Jakarta, Friday (31/7/2009).

Terlambatnya handling leukemia and retinoblastoma is caused by the lack of information about the symptoms of cancer and treated and the social and economic problems that make people come late to treatment hospital.

"Cancer happens to the child can be cured as long as detected earlier or at the stadium early, because not all cancer in children can be prevented or detected early. Leukemia can only be prevented by giving exclusive breastfeeding while retinoblastoma can be detected early using oftalmoskop," said dr. Edi also as the energizer in the hospital ward children Dharmais.

Retinoblastoma occurs only in children age five and is derived, if one of the family members who have been affected by retinoblastoma, the child should immediately check the other on a regular basis. Retinoblastoma is the most frequently occur in children between the first year.

"Symptoms for retinoblastoma is as if the eyes when a light is shining (opal), pupil (The speck) white, red eyes and eye balls and prominent eyes. If the test is done with oftalmoskop in the eyes of normal red akan while retinoblastoma does not to give red, "he added.

While for leukimia still unknown cause of course. However, prevention through exclusive breastfeeding can reach 21-30 percent.

Early symptoms for leukimia child is pale, often with fever of unclear cause, such as bleeding and gum bleeding nosebleed, hematoma bluish on the body, belly swollen, and painful bones.

Children who have blood cancer should avoid too tired and came to the crowd. Children rarely complain, and generally does not feel the early symptoms of cancer so parents should be more vigilant.

According to dr. Edi S Tehuteru, anything that feels strange to the child to the doctor immediately check to determine the existence of cancer or not and to detect early, so that hope can kesembuhannya higher. Because cancer in children can be treated and effort if it is found early.

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  1. Retinoblastoma is caused due to he formation of malignant or cancer cells in the tissues present in the retina. It is generally observed among infants below 5 years. It can also be inheritable. Retinoblastoma occurring in just one eye is generally non-inherent in nature and if it affects in both eyes, it is genetic. One should consult doctor if its symptoms are observed.