How to know a good nutrient in Child

How good is your child's nutient? Know the origin of the child nutrition by both parents will be reflected in the behavior and physical development of a healthy and optimal.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Medical Doctors Nutrition (PDGMI) Dr dr Saptawati Bardosono common signs to give 10 children a nutritious should be the parents, in the socialization of nutrition in both the SD NASA Jatirahayu Jakarta

Following characteristics nutritious enough children or not?

1. Increasing age, increasing compact, high gain.
Feed children with good nutrition will have the bones and muscles healthy and strong because the consumption of protein and kalsiumnya enough. If the calcium and protein needs met, the body mass will increase and children will be high.

2. Body postures and sturdy solid muscle.
Children who have a solid muscle mass and body characteristics is obtained sturdy child who does not lack of protein and calcium. Milk can help children achieve the ideal postures later.

3. Hair lustrous and strong.
Protein from meat, chicken, fish and nuts can make the hair become more healthy and strong. Hair that can protect the healthy children.

4. Skin and nails clean and not pale.
Clean skin and nail marks on the child's Feed vitamin A, C, E and mineralnya met. Food rich in minerals obtained from kangkung, spinach, cashew buji, orange, mango and others.

5. Clean face, clear eyes and mouth fresh.
Healthy eyes and clear from the findings of vitamin A and C such as tomatoes and carrots. Obtained fresh from the lips vitamins B, C and E, as found in carrots, potatoes, shrimp, mango, orange.

6. Clean the teeth and gum pink.
Healthy teeth and gum required to help menceerna with good food. For that, Feed calcium and vitamin B is also required.

7. Good appetite and defecate regularly.
Appetite good views of the intensity of children's meals, which is ideally 3 times a day. Dispose of any water should be every day so that the remaining food in the gut besat not be toxic to the body that can interfere with the appetite.

8. Move on and speak fluent appropriate age.
Children are active or may be choosy and ask a lot is actually a good sign. But should note every ucpannya, whether age is not appropriate.

9. Full attention and active responding.
Focus on one thing is difficult children, especially children who are active. But if he can finish something, that he can sign the attention and the ability to train its focus.

10. Sleep soundly.
After beraktivitas throughout the day, the child's body needs to rest (sleep) for 8 hours a day. Sleep is required so that the body can develop properly. To make sound sleep, make a full stomach at first.

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