Herbal More Secure Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty acid component found in the blood needed by the body for certain processes for the formation of viability such as hormones, the formation of cells, treating nerve cells.

But, in the amount of excess cholesterol will be a threat for the body. Various diseases that kill is caused by excess cholesterol, for example Aterosklerosis (blood vessel constriction), PJK (coronary heart disease) and Stroke.

According to research in the United States (consensus Conference on Cholesterol), cholesterol is considered high when hiperkolesterolemia or exceed 200 mg. Coronary heart disease threat 2X more of the people who have a cholesterol level 200-240 mg compared with the degree kolerterolnya below 200 mg, even the threat will increase up to 4X greater degree when the cholesterol reaches above 300 mg.

Day-to-day activities that make a lot of time we have not had time to choose healthy food, the dishes without a choice we may realize in the food is much cholesterol.

Tbk PT Indofarma long since have used the wealth of flora of India is very rich in medicinal plants nutritious. PROLIPID with the composition leaves Jati Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia), leaves Kemuning (Murayyae paniculata) and leaf Tempuyung (Sonchus arvencis) is a herbal product that has been in pre clinical reduce cholesterol in blood.

Test results of pre clinical PROLIPID done by the Research Center for Chemistry, Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) to prove that:
1. PROLIPID significantly lower total cholesterol in the blood than normal controls and better than the normal control of Lovastatin.
2. PROLIPID lower LDL (bad cholesterol) than normal controls 16.67% and higher than normal control Lovastatin against 3.7%.
3. PROLIPID meninggkatkan HDL (good cholesterol) higher compared with normal controls. (Advetorial Indofarma).

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