Healty or Tastey

Day-to-day activities, which are often time does not make someone had to choose healthy food. Entering the rest day in the office once a dilemma in choosing the food that will be consumed, so many food options that are presented by each of the restaurants near the office.

But do we always choose the food they really healthy like vegetables, for example. That often occur eventually dishes that contain a lot of unwitting cholesterol into our options.

Did you know, according to research in the United States (Conference on Cholesterol consensus) is considered a high or hiperkolesterolemia when total cholesterol in the blood exceeds 200 mg. Threat of coronary heart disease two times greater for those who have a cholesterol level 200-240 mg compared with the degree kolesterolnya below 200 mg, even the threat will be increased to 4X greater degree when the cholesterol reaches above 300 mg.

Health data from the Household Surveys (SKRT), disease kardiovaskuler (PJK, aterosklerosis, stroke) is the number one cause of death in adults (age above 35 years) for urban areas, or about 31% of the total causes of death and is considered as dislipidemia one of the main risk factors.

In fact the pattern of eating is not easy to reverse the hands, especially for those who are used to with a certain food that contains lots of cholesterol (fat). There are solutions for those of you that are difficult to change eating patterns but want to keep blood cholesterol controlled. Drinking PROLIPID 2 x 2 capsule a day before meals and cholesterol you will still be controlled.

PROLIPID with the composition leaves Jati Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia), leaves Kemuning (Murayyae paniculata) and leaf Tempuyung (Sonchus arvencis) is a herbal product that has been in pre clinical reduce cholesterol in blood.

Pre-clinical test results PROLIPID done by the Research Center for Chemistry, Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) PROLIPID can prove that lower bad cholesterol (LDL), total cholesterol and trigliserida. Instead PROLIPID terbukti degree can increase good cholesterol (HDL) in blood.

Now what are you waiting for, for you to change patterns that are difficult to eat only one way to prepare PROLIPID in the bag. Cholesterol? Yes PROLIPID solution. (Advetorial Indofarma)

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