Healing the Trauma After Musing

After the trauma Eliminate the need to get a natural process and time. Do not give up, faced with self-acceptance, positive thinking and share with the suffering of the people nearby.

"Many people are glued to the traumanya, memory is continually repeated in the re-otaknya," said Dra Maspaitella Louisa M. Psi, psychologists RSAB Harapan Kita detikHealth when contacted, Friday (17/7/2009).

Stay calm and rely on the protection of God, is the first action that must be done if someone has an accident or incident poorly. "Be grateful because it is still alive, and go through it all. Look at everything in terms of the positive," said Louisa.

"I had experienced and the horror smash, but the first thing I do is be grateful, because I was still alive and still walk," said Louisa.

People can not be separated from the sense of trauma is usually always feel anxious, afraid, do not have self-confidence, communication and the long run it can be depression.

Trauma can not be removed by the board, and need time to process a very menyembuhkannya depending on how big business is done. However, according to Louisa, if you come to better trauma psychologist first to treat mental and mindsetnya change.

"Do not directly to the psychiatrist, because usually directly medications that can be cause dependence and side effects that are less good for the body," he said.

"If we say, 'I want to recover hard', may simply not be able to. There is in our brain should be. If you fail, try, try, and try again," said Louisa with full enthusiasm.

Basically just a simple trauma, faced with the acceptance of oneself, one's mind shifts to the positive and the most important is to share it. "Do not be saved, because it can explode at any time," remember Louisa.

"As a glass filled with water continuously, long run will be full. If it does not move, can overflow," his him.

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