Drinking Milk Making Long Age

Researchers in England found regularly drink milk reduce opportunities more quickly died because of stroke and heart.

Professors from three universities in the UK find drinking milk can reduce the threat of stroke and coronary heart up to 20%. But during this susu only be associated with calcium to keep bones and growth.

University of Reading announced that this is the first discovery of the disease risk associated with susu overtake the high number of deaths due to heart and stroke.

The researchers compare information from more than 300 previous studies that have been done in the susu and the relationship with stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes, which is then compared with information on the number of deaths caused by health problems.

"Our findings clearly show that when the number of deaths from heart attack, stroke, and colo-rectal cancer have calculated strong evidence of the overall reduction in risk of death from chronic diseases due to consumption of milk," said Professor Ian Givens, from the University of Reading as dilansir of Health, Tuesday (28/7/2009).

The evidence is very clear that milk provide more benefits for the prevention of this disease and not just for bone health.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has also recommend that people drink milk regularly. In addition to the benefits of calcium for bone formation and maintenance, susu potasium which also contain nutrients that can keep blood pressure so far from the threat of stroke.

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