Coffee is not too bad

Coffee, known more negative effects such as dependency and increase the attack of stroke due to damage to the blood vessel wall. Do not antipahateic first, if drunk in accordance doses, coffee also has a value of plus-plus.

Coffee is always identical with caffeine. Caffeine is a chemical compound or alkaloid known as trimetilsantin in the coffee of 1-1,5%.

Work is taking over caffeine reseptor adenosin (one of the nerve cells in the brain that can make someone fall asleep fast) so that it will spur the production of hormones adrenalin, and consequently do not feel drowsiness.

Dilansir from Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Friday (10/7/2009) coffee has some benefits that are very useful to the body. Coffee and stamina as the remover of pain on a low dose of caffeine, create a feeling fresh, a little excited, and will be careful to remove the sugar to the bloodstream produce extra energy.

Based on research findings in the United States that coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer affected, intestine, type II diabetes and Parkinson disease.

Coffee also contains antioxidants substances that can help or prevent free radical-radical harmful to the body. Coffee drink that coffee should not be hard, even coffee without caffeine (decaffein) also provide antioxidants substances in the same amount. In addition to beneficial effects that coffee has a dependency, so that if not controlled properly will cause a loss to themselves.

Drink excessive coffee can increase the attack of stroke due to damage to the blood vessel wall. In the pregnant women can increase heart rate, attack plasenta, into the blood circulation and a more severe may cause death.

But drinking coffee in the number who are not dangerous, could even give us the benefit. The amount that is allowed to be consumed 300 mg caffeine, equivalent to 3 cups coffee per day.

Sesorang said already addicted if consumed more than 600 mg caffeine, equivalent to 5-6 cups coffee per day. The most dangerous dose is 10 g caffeine, equivalent to 20-50 cups coffee per day. If you want to benefit from drinking coffee, do not be excessive in mengkonsumsinya. Because the benefits are not available but the impact will be bad.

It is no less important is do not enjoy coffee while smoking, because the influence of nicotine akan poor benefit from the coffee itself.